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Apollo 11 Silver Anniversary Bronze Commemorative Plaque

Updated on November 22, 2008

John F. Kennedy Jr.

Hellow my name is Rick,          What I have is one of 6 solid bronze plaques designed and created by artist / sculptor   Mr. Brett Livingstone Strong. It is 14" x 14 1/2" x 1/2" and it weights 15.4 lbs.  It is made of solid bronze.           In 1994 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills, Ca. there was a black tie event held to celebrate Apollo 11’s Silver (25th.) Anniversary of  man’s first step’s on the moon. Honoring the three Astronauts of Apollo 11, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins.           Along with these three astronauts was the President of the United States of America Bill Clinton, Vise President Al Gore, and John F. Kennedy Jr. These men were all recipients of these 6 solid bronze plaque's          What I have for sale is one of the 6 plaques. This plaque is the one that was presented to John F. Kennedy Jr. For unknown reasons he was unable to attend and there fore unable to personally accept this award. I have documentation (copy) in the form of a letter written by John F. Kennedy Jr. and read at the ceremony apologizing for not being able to attend. Although it gives no reason why he was not able to attend, it does help us to understand why he wasn't able to take possession of this Plaque at that time. I recovered this plaque from property that I bought at a storage facility auction in Burbank, Ca. in 2007. The property had belonged to a Mr. Bill York. I’m not sure why the facility auctioned off this property, but I assume it was for unpaid rental fees.          Mr. York apparently was the producer of this event and he also had an ongoing relationship with NASA as the producer of  Space week. Mr. York was also the one who would facilitate the relationship between NASA and artist Brett Livingstone Strong. This relationship would enable Mr. Strong to be granted a commission by NASA to construct “The National Space Exploration Monument”. There would be three. These monuments would be 25' in dia. and stand 18' high and be made from bronze, aluminum, gold and granate. The three monuments would be placed at the Houston Space Center in Texas, the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC, and Cape Canaveral in Florida.        This plaque is a very unique and beautiful work of art. It commemorates the greatest achievement of man kind. Honoring not only the astronauts but all who participated in Americas space program. It is a once in a lifetime find, not just for myself but for the person that adds it to their own collection. This Plaque, in a very real sense has the ability to carry any person connected to it , such as the owner right into History.             If you know collector's of Apollo memorabilia, Space collectibles, or Brett Livingstone Strong art and sculpture, or John F. Kennedy Jr. memorabilia, or maybe you know of someone who just like's to collect unique and one of a kind or unusual fine art, than please contact me. This is a must have piece for an avid collector. And more than likly the only one out of 6 to ever be offered to the public..             You can contact me by email: at " " Or you may call my cell at  661-236-7555. If there is no answer please leave your name, a number that you can be reached at and the best time to call. I will and I will return your call asap.           At your request I would be happy to email you photos of any or all documents that I  have in regards to this plaque. Just let me know in your initial contact and I will email them to you asap. Thank You          Below is quoted right from the plaque:                                               "THE NATIONAL SPACE EXPLORATION MONUMENT"     Honoring the achievements of the men and woman of the past, present and future of the NASA Space Program. Commemorating the 25th. Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Mission accomplishing Man's first historic steps on the moon, July 20, 1969. Saluting the Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins representing the symbolic achievements of America's space programs and all who have contributed to make it possible.  Officially commemorated and presented by the Vice President of the United States of America Al Gore, July 16, 1994...............................................                                                     "On the moon they explored in peace for all mankind.                    Today they inspire the world to further Man's horizon in Space                                    And pursue the quest for peace on Earth"                                                              Presented to                                                  JOHN F. KENNEDY,JR.                                                        in memory of the                                35th. President of the United States of America                                                 John Fitzgerald Kennedy                                                                  and                                           First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy                                  Strange facts I found in my research:          This plaque was presented to the 6 recipients and officially commemorated at a ceremony at the Beverly Hilton by Vice President Al Gore on July 16 1994.         John F. Kennedy Jr. died when his plane crashed into the ocean just off shore of Marthas Vinyard on July 16 1999         Apollo 11 landed on the moon July 20 1969. John F. Kennedy Jr.s body wasn't found and pulled from the wreckage until July 20 1999.  


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