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Are McCain’s Arms Too Short To Box With God?

Updated on October 11, 2008

What in the world is going on with John McCain's short arms? I read somewhere online that he broke both his arms at one point and no doubt that's why he has the unfortunate quality of having short arms. So sorry but he looks like a baby Tyrannosaurus Rex when he gestures. It made me think of that Broadway show (of course) Your Arms Are Too Short To Box With God but in his case, it's McCain's arms that are too short to box with God - Don't Get Me Started!

I know in the past I've thought of John McCain as a hairless cat (he still reminds me of one what with his hair and skin all appearing to be the same color) but in watching a recent speech of his, the arm thing just really got on my nerves. It reminded me of a special once where Bill Melendez, who was the animator for the Peanuts cartoons was talking about the first time Charles M. Schultz approached him to turn the comic strip into a cartoon. Melendez pointed out that the fundamental problem was that Schultz had drawn the arms of the characters too short. So short in fact that when the characters lifted their arms, they wouldn't even reach above their heads. Hmmm, I'm wondering if McCain's arms can reach over his head?

This is the part of the election I think I hate the most, when both candidates resort to the name calling, trudging up a picket the other one was at in 1972 and all the rest of the crap. At a time when we more than ever need our candidates to be telling us where they plan to take the country, why are we doomed to listen to just more attacks? Don't they know that we become immune to it at some point? For me personally, that point has been reached.

But back to short arms McCain. I found this photo of the Peanuts gang and I started to allow my mind to wander a bit. Could Palin be considered the "Lucy" of the campaign? After all, much like Lucy who continually picked up the football right when Charlie Brown was going to kick it, hasn't Palin stolen McCain's thunder? And what about "Sally?" I know that in the strip she's Charlie Brown's sister but perhaps she best epitomizes Cindy McCain? For Obama I would have to pick Snoopy. Why, because Snoopy is definitely the most lovable of the gang and seems to have the most imagination and sense. Biden is probably Linus, with his years and years in Congress being his blue blanket. I don't know who really fits the bill for the rest of the political gang but imagining them as Peanuts characters sort of helps. It makes them seem like children who should but don't know better.

Of course the problem is that we need leaders and not children, right? And what about the God vote? Well, Palin certainly will have the religious right on her side between wanting Roe v Wade overturned and that clip that shows her being "de-witched" at a church somewhere. But what of McCain? From all accounts he's said enough to piss off the religious right on more than one occasion but like most things, the religious right may just be "stuck with him" just to get their gal pal Palin into the White House. The good news for McCain is that Palin has long, pageant girl arms from waving from floats. So he can count on her even if McCain's arms are too short to box with God - Don't Get Me Started!

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