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Are You The Master Of Your Domain?

Updated on August 29, 2008

I know when people look at my website with all its glitz, glamour and fabulous music that some think that I am toiling day and night writing code with a lot of "0"s or whatever the hell "code writers" do. The truth is I'm the first to admit that while I like to consider myself a "bi-techual" I do not possess these skills in the least (though my brother definitely does as the VP of Information Technology for one of the country's largest retailers). No, instead when it was time to create my site (a way back in the year of 2006) after consulting my brother, we both decided it would be easier and better for all concerned if I went with a web design/hosting company that was basically click and go. I like to put it this way, while my brother put together a Mazda rotary engine model that actually worked when we were kids, I was confused by Snap-Tite models and always had parts left over. So you can imagine my panic when I went to look at my site and discovered that it was not there. Are you the master of your domain? - Don't Get Me Started!

When I first signed up with the company known as what I learned from them was that they were going to basically be my parents while I was a baby in the world of websites. That's right, they were going to register my domain (even though it belonged solely to me) and were going to give me templates to create my site. This was great. I spent an entire weekend getting the basics down and then endless hours really trying to make their templates my own. (Because you know us gays, always redecorating at every chance we get!) So much like most things in my life, I found a way to take what should be simple and make it much more difficult that it needs to be. And while I was delighted that I learned how to put things on my site that flashed, rotated and lit up my web pages, the truth of the matter is that nothing on the site is anything that I "coded" myself. I begged, borrowed and stole what I needed to make it look that way and on the whole I like it.

Yesterday I went to post to my usual daily blog when I noticed that all of the pictures on my site had that nasty red "X" that comes up when something doesn't load properly. For once in my life, I did not panic. I poked around on the support pages and almost immediately discovered that my domain name was not registered to be automatically renewed (though it had been automatically renewed by for the three years I've had that domain) and much like white shoes after Labor Day (I still insist this is a crime) my domain had expired. I called the support line and they were as helpful as could be in correcting the problem and within the hour all of my Some Like It Scott rants, raves and glitter were back up for the World Wide Web to enjoy!

Still, this is a bit of a cautionary tale for those of you who have websites and domain names. While admittedly I don't know much about the whole thing, I do know that you need to have your domain paid for in order to have a site so if this runs out, it's a bad thing. Take a moment to look at whatever documentation you have on your domain. Write out a post-it for yourself if need be as to when it expires and whatever you do, much like your heart, be careful whose hands you put it in. You also don't want to lose your domain either because someone may grab it and then try to sell it back to you for a crazy amount. (Or so I've heard tell) But most importantly, ask yourself if you're the master of your domain? - Don't Get Me Started!

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