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How To Reduce Stress And Blood Pressure-Tips To Reduce Stress

Updated on September 15, 2008

How To Reduce Stress

If you are like alot of adults today stress can be a real problem. Not only is stress bad for your health but it makes you unproductive and can lead to health problems like high blood pressure. If you are currently suffering from some sort of stress you can try one of these easy tips to reduce stress and educe your blood pressure.

Ways To Reduce Stress And Blood Pressure

Listen To Calm Music- Listening to soft or classical music is a great way to beat stress. Music has been proven to help people relax and reduce their heart and breathing rates. Listening to relaxing music is easy on the drive to and from work.

Exercise- Exercising is one of the best ways to calm yourself down. Taking a walk through your neighborhood or a short bike ride is perfect and may actually relax you more then going to a crowded gym. You can even combine exercise and classical music to further the stress reducing effects!

Take Your Mind Of The Problem- Often times the thing or situation that is stressing you out is the focus of your attention. By taking your mind off of the stressful matter you can reduce your blood pressure and stress levels. Although easier said then done many people find reading, playing video games or taking part in a hobby are great ways to clear their minds and calm down.

Highlight The Positive Things-Keep track of good things that happen to you or things that make you feel happy. Refer to the list when you begin to feel stress. Reminding yourself of life's positives is a great stress reliever because if you are constantly focusing on the negative things in your life you will always have stress and anxiety, both of which lead to high blood pressure.

Learn To Walk Away- Many times stress occurs when we refuse to give into a situation, and many times it can be avoided if we just leave and come back to it when we calm down. Even at work you can take a 5 minute break and regather your thoughts and re approach the situation. Many people find difficult situations much easier to work out after they have calmed down a bit.

Although you can never fully reduce stress from your life you can work hard to reduce it, and by reducing stress you can feel more relaxed and have lower blood pressure.


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      Airsoft Reviews 9 years ago

      Great 1st hub!! I think if I quit my job I can really release a lot of my stress. :-)