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Are you scared?

Updated on August 20, 2008

Enough is enough

Americans are working longer and longer hours. People with young children and spouses are struggling to set aside enough time to even have so much as a decent conversation with each other as little as once a week. Blackberries, cell phones, beepers and laptops can make it harder to get away from work. For some industries that are struggling to gain strength during the current economic climate, hours spent at work have gotten longer.

Do you work in a job like this? What's stopping you from moving on?

One thing I know about economic challenges is that employers will often say - where else are you going to go? Well. For one, you could start your own business. I can hear it now - no. That would never work. But isn't it odd that every company in the world was once started by one to a few people?

Do we trust other people's skills more than we trust our own? We'll go to work for someone else who has started their own company, but won't consider doing the same ourselves.

I say it's time to stop being scared. I say it's time we trusted ourselves enough to know we can accomplish / do what we believe someone we admire can. I don't know why, but it bugs me how so many of us sell ourselves short. The longer I'm on this earth, the more I see that it takes courage to take a step forward.

How about you? Do you love your job? Are the hours and the stress level just right for you? If not, are you complaining, planning or stepping forward? Even if you don't have something to fully step into now, are you at least taking small steps to get to where you want to be?

If not, I encourage you to do so. It's why I write novels and articles and have them published. Beats the heck out of just dreaming.

I'd love to hear from others who are at a life intersection!

Denise Webbing It Up!


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    • Marina Rosa profile image

      Marina Rosa 9 years ago from Southern California

      Good points here! Most people these days ARE too afraid of economic insecurity (including having no employer-sponsored health insurance coverage) to risk following their dreams and becoming  entrepreneurs. This pervasive sense of fear and self-doubt has probably robbed this country, and world, of a great deal of creative energy. As Henry David Thoreau observed. " . . most men live lives of quiet desperation."