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Arkansas (The State That Just Made It Illegal For Gays To Adopt) Seizes 21 Children From A Christian Ministry

Updated on November 19, 2008

I love irony. I simply can’t get enough of it. If I could I’d eat it for breakfast instead of Fruit Loops (cause after all, isn’t that what all gay men eat?) I would eat it by the bowl full. So when the news came to me (via the Web) by way of a USA Today headline I read with pity for the kids but licked my lips at the irony of the situation. That’s right kids, Arkansas (the state that just made it illegal for gays to adopt) seizes 21 children from a Christian Ministry – Don’t Get Me Started!

Before the Christians get all crazy on me, saying that the minister who was taken into custody is not one of “their” Christians I will tell you, this pedophile’s Christianity is the church he named after himself, The Tony Alamo Christian Ministries. Isn’t there something about “remembering the Alamo” that also feels a little ironic here too? If you’d like to read the actual article, here you go… but for those who come to my site to read me rant, here we go.

I’m tired. So very tired of hearing how a child can only be raised by one mother and one father. Explain to me all the single parent homes across the country producing well adjusted, healthy adults. For that matter, explain to me all the well adjusted kids who are being raised in gay parent homes. For most, they will say that the whole two parent (woman and man) concept is the way that it should be because that’s the way it has always been. But if that theory ruled our lives and worked, we’d still be rubbing sticks together to make fire, only watching the three major networks and making our younger brother hold the TV antenna in just the right position so that the picture wasn’t fuzzy. In other words, we hopefully have progressed as a civilization just as technology has assisted us. So why (pray tell) when it comes to human relationships are we still seemingly in a period where a man should want to marry a woman because her father will also give him two goats and a milk cow? You laugh but for some, am I really all that far off?

What gets me is that once again it seems to be okay to completely destroy children, breeding them in these religious compounds like puppies in a puppy farm to be abused by the supposed “elders” but don’t let the gays raise them, they just might actually love them and teach them how to have self esteem when all the laws and people around them conspire to spew their hate and hateful way of thinking about them on you because you’re committed to someone of the same sex. I’m sick of watching the whole “To Catch A Predator” show. If Chris Hansen really wants to do something, he’ll get out of the kitchens across the country and head for the compounds. Oh right, the compounds are protected because they’re a “religious” organization. They also don’t pay taxes. So let’s see, they get to destroy children, not pay taxes and then they can spend their extra cash to convince the people who live in their state to not let gays adopt. Hey, that sounds fair. (If you can’t read my sarcasm allow me to let you know – I’M BEING SARCASTIC).

Hey, here’s an idea. How about we help out our faltering economy by taxing churches, synagogues, and any and all religious organizations? Why should they be exempt? Isn’t there supposed to be a separation of church and state anyway? Wouldn’t it have been better if the $300 Million that the Mormons spent on getting Proposition 8 in California passed went to the people in this country who need help? I’m done with religious organizations being exempt from the laws that govern the rest of us. What makes them so special? We all see that they can’t handle this power. Let them be filled with “divine inspiration” but think of how much money we could make if they paid taxes, wouldn’t that be divine?

Look, I know that there are a lot of people who will never accept me for being Jewish, gay, brown haired or just so freaking cute but if we allowed ignorance to rule the world then Sherri Shepherd would have fallen off the flat earth long ago.  Come on people, let’s get out of the dark ages (where we thought blacks could only adopt black children and white parents could only adopt white children) and realize that if there’s a loving home available for a child then our government should be doing everything they can to help that child get into that home and stop looking to see if there are too many vaginas in the house. Until then I guess we’ll all just have to sit and watch the endless parade of irony (I’d like mine with a side of indignation please) Arkansas (the state that just made it illegal for gays to adopt) seizes 21 children from a Christian Ministry – Don’t Get Me Started!

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    • somelikeitscott profile image

      somelikeitscott 5 years ago from Las Vegas

      tardis - well, you certainly had a lot to get off your chest. Hope you're feeling better. I won't tell you that you're wrong because as you stated, that would be wrong. I'll just say I disagree with you. Having been a homosexual all my life I can tell you it wasn't because someone twittered that I was gay or that I was shy with the ladies...I'm gay. And I live in America where those of us who don't feel our government is treating us fairly have an obligation to speak up (like you just did). We shouldn't have to move to be treated as the Constitution guarantees us, "equal." Scott - out! (out of the closet, out of this conversation and just plain, OUT!)

    • profile image

      TARDIS 5 years ago

      h people fearful. Last I checked dualing swords never create and two holes never make a child. So lets think for a second. Some say "Oh its how they are born." Hmmm I'll take the non religous argument of evolution. Now lets think a trait that makes you like a mate that won't produce offspring is a failed trait correct? If I can't have children then I can't pass my ideas, beliefs or anything correct? Still I hear. "They can always adopt!" True they can still where the hell was adoption 2,000 years ago? I mean in all honesty the whole adoption thing took years to build by people whom are wait a minute....people of faith? So bashing christian, muslims or Jews is bad I mean they built adoption places to help children. Then I hear. "Well I want to be gay and I can't stand it how I can't be gay in this state or nation!" Hmmm you know when I don't want something or don't like something what do I do......Oh yeah thats right leave! I mean if you really like that person why not move to a place that respects your ideas instead of staying in the same place battling it out how you want your way when people clearly don't agree with you. "Well if you don't agree or tolerate gays you hate people you are no better than the Nazis." I love how people clearly hate and say "YOUR WRONG" when you don't agree. I didn't vote for Obama. Does that make me a racist? Soo many people thought that until, I explained I didn't like his polices in all honesty he could be purple I don't care. (besides my gf is black.)Then I hear. "Some people can't resist liking the same sex." Really? Are you sure its not cause pop culture conditions homosexuality? Lets think for a moment some guys like to play D&D, collect comics and just hang out with are they gay? Maybe thats what people would say they are not talking about banging girls 24/7 or sports or other sterotypical guy stuff. So Bill Gates is gay, Edison was gay and all these others it could possibly be they were just too shy to talk to girls could it? So what do people say "your clearly gay you like the company of men more then women you should expirement." So what happens to our nerdy friend? He tries it and since the word gets out like wildfire thanks to facebook, twitter, youtube or hell even this site the boy is looked down teased and now girls really don't want him cause they want a boy who likes girls. Cause....wait for it....wait for it comes... THEY WANT A RELATIONSHIP WITH A MAN WHO LIKES GIRLS. Then I hear. "Men are pigs!" Or "Women just don't understand men, same sex couples understand each other better!" Okay would you agree boys and girls are different both sexually and in the chemicals of their brains. We like different not the same...I have never seen on TV, SAME OLD STUFF AGAIN AT MCDONALDS!! *And I use Mcdonalds cause they always have loud and just strange ways to advertise.* No they say. NEW HAMBURGER! Okay so girls think different from boys and boys think differently from girls. Is it cause things won't get stale in terms of conversation or maybe be cause each brain and body is designed to different tasks. If a boy cries think what a grown man would do then a girl. Now replace it with a girl. 9 times out of 10 depending on the gender of the person crying and age and the gender and age of the person trying to help that person crying. You'll always see a unique welling working combination on how a girl can comfort a man and a man can comfort a girl. So two different genders can help each other better because they won't always agree what the other person of the other gender says, cause they chemically think differently. A yes man never helps design a new lightbulb he needs people to tell him where he has failed or has corrected a problem. So I hope you read this sat down and thought alil more be sure to always think before jumping on a bandwagon. Till Next in TIME AND RELATIVE Dimension In Space...TARDIS out.

    • profile image

      TARDIS 5 years ago

      You wthdth

    • profile image

      Anna 8 years ago

      You do know that everyone in Arkansas had the right to vote for or against the law allowing gay couples to adopt right? The churches aren't the reason gay couples can not adopt. Yes they may have lobbied against it and their members may have voted against the law, but it sounds to me like you are trying to blame the churches. It is not their fault everyone can go out and vote. So it is the majority of Arkansas that doesn't think that gay couple to adopt. I agree with Melissa, you should stop judging Christians and other religious organizations, because if you are going to judge them you can not get upset when people judge you or your lifestyle.

    • profile image

      Melissa 8 years ago

      This is the most riculous thing I have ever heard. You don't want gays to be stereotyped or treated unfairly but yet you are stereotyping Christins. First of all they seized those children from Tony Alamo because they were not being treated properly and the Alamo guy is obviously not realy a Christian. That is the problem all of these people pretending to be Christians make the real Christians look bad. No I do not agree with the Mormon compounds and places that shut their people out of the world and abuse women and children(exmple the ranch in Texas that was on the news not long ago) and again it is people like that that cause people to stereotype and be completely against all religious organizations. By the way, all non-profit organizations(most churches and religious organazations are non- profit) do not have to pay taxes. There is not a special law for churches. Churches do not get special priviledges (and why would anyone think that they churches would get a break ..after all this country has managed to almost completely remove God). If you wanna talk about Irony I think it is very Ironic that homosexuals do not want to be stereotyped and they do not want to be ridiculed, and yet here you are stereotyping and ridiculing the Christian religion(and all other religions for that mattter) Most Christians that truly believe in God would not be involved in any of these scandals you are refering too...but you are trying to say that all Christians are bad because of the people you see on tv claiming they are Christians. The very thing you hate(homosexuals being judged and criticized) is the exact same thing you are doing to Christians. That is the problem with the world people want to promote their group or belief and get upset when someone else doesn't agree with it or criticizes it. Those very same people(the ones getting upset about someone ridiculing their group or belief) are guilty of criticizing other groups and beliefs they do not agree with.

    • somelikeitscott profile image

      somelikeitscott 9 years ago from Las Vegas

      dineane - thanks so much...nothing like some hub love!

    • dineane profile image

      dineane 9 years ago from North Carolina

      I'm giving you some hub love with a link on a forum I frequent where this topic came up. Thanks for the relevant contribution. Another thumbs up from me.

    • tonymac04 profile image

      Tony McGregor 9 years ago from South Africa

      Great 'rant' somelikeitscott! I also have my rants and raves against the hypocrisy of the so-called Christians who can't accept anyone different from themselves. Not being from the US I look on with bemusement at things like the passing of Prop 8 in California. And the fact that one Hubber says the US is a 'Christian' country - what happened to the separation of church and state, as you also point out in your 'rant'. Acceptance and love and respect for others don't seem to feature too highly in the value systems of these strange people, but we have to love them at the same time.

      Love and peace,


    • Stacie Naczelnik profile image

      Stacie Naczelnik 9 years ago from Seattle

      The "it's always been that way" argument doesn't even hold up anyway. A lot of societies had (and have) it totally different, with the community raising the children, instead of the mother-father unit.

      Love the rants because they are so spot on.