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Do You Ever Think A Robot Could Be Trained With Enough Artificial Intelligence To Jump A Risky Jump?

Updated on November 22, 2008

Can You Really Teach Risk-Taking To Artificial Intelligence?

I was watching Wall-E last night (Great Movie By The Way!), and it brought up my thoughts on Artificial Intelligence. I have been fascinated by the idea of Machines having Real-Deal-Artificial Intelligence. I remember buying a DVD called "Alien Planet" from the Discovery Channel a few years back. It is about 2 Robots being sent to basically, an Alien Planet; where they would try and understand the life flourishing there. Both Robots were Uploaded with 2, completely different types of Artificial Intelligence. 1 was more Reserved, while the other was a Risk-Taker. It's a Documentary that I have seen a few dozen times. But it just furthered the idea in my head, that could you really ever (Teach) Risk Taking? Let's say there is 3 creatures running from danger. 1-Robot, 1-Human, and 1-Animal. They all arrive at a set of Cliffs; with a 7-Foot space between them. Now the Human and Animal will make that Risky-Leap, because if they don't, they will Die. But the Machine is different, because even with AI, there is a Inherent Flaw; that doesn't exist in Natural-Intelligence. It's (Logic). Both the Human & Animal know the odds of them making that Leap safely is extremely low; maybe 10%. But they can Toss-Aside their Logic, and just do it. A 10% Success-Rate is enough for both of them. So how could you Train a Robot with enough Artificial Intelligence to toss those Calculations out of the window? You can tell the Machine that 10% of a Success-Rate is good enough, but then the Machine didn't really make up it's own mind on that decision. You can Teach it that in order to save its own life that it should take (ALL) Risks, but that isn't really going to be Risk-Taken. If you tell a Machine to jump No-Matter-What, then the Robot will try and jump a 50-Foot Cliff! The weird thing about AI; is that it is already here. Your Automobile uses Artificial Intelligence every time you drive it. The vehicle has Computer-Module's that listen to Sensors and adjust the Performance of your Vehicle based on that Understanding. That is a type of Artificial Intelligence. It's Crude, but those Computers have to deal with all kinds of Variables; so they need to be able to Adapt. A lot of things in our lives have AI.

In 50 years there will be Robots just like you see in Movies and TV-Shows. A lot of the Mechanical technology has already been here for years, but its the AI that is lacking. I just wonder if Humans will ever be able to create AI that works just like the Human and Animal Brain? Not just the functions of Walking and Running, but will they ever be able to make up their own Mind? Not just Compare what is happening to them at that moment in time, to a Pre-Defined list. But actually being able to truly Risk-Take? So I have no doubt that one day, if Humans are still alive; that Robots will live besides us. I just wonder what will happen when both a Human and their Robot-Pale, are Chased to the end of a Cliff. Will they both Jump-For-Safety, for the same reasons? Or is Risk-Taking something Humans & Animals will only ever be able to do?


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