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Ashton Drake Doll Artists

Updated on October 17, 2008

Ashton Drake Doll Artists

Why is so little tribute paid to these gifted artists?

You can enter any keywords that are evenly remotely connected to Ashton Drake when searching the web and you'll get thousands of results from websites and blogs selling these masterpieces. Searching the web for any information on the people who designed or sculpted these dolls and you get basically the same results.- thousands of more or less the same descriptions of these dolls, some more elaborate than others, but no information on the profiles of these highly gifted, world-renowned artists. To me it is such a pity that in our scramble to make money we don't take the time out to pay tribute to these magnificent artists without whom we would have no "amazing, adorable life-like dolls" to sell. There's nothing wrong with trying to make money - we all do - my problem is with the fact that we tend to forget the real artists behind these money spinners.

We so easily use the phrase "designed exclusively by world-renowned Master doll artist" but nobody can even tell you what sex they are never mind what makes them tick. I understand that business is business and that the Ashton-Drake Galleries' name and reputation is what affords them the privilege of exclusivity but somewhere just somewhere I would love to be able to learn more about the artists.

About Ros Schramm

In my quest to gather information on the people behind these creations I discovered that one of the artist's doll-making career started when helping her mother, who was dying of cancer, fulfill one her last wishes - to leave her grandchildren something special to remember her by. At a local arts and crafts fair she found the perfect gift for her mother to give - minute porcelain fairies. Ros Schramm and her mother spent hours and hours using molds that they had imported to their home country making these fairies. Ros would organize what she called "fairy days" where all her friends got together and they would spend hours sewing, painting and putting together these little fairies. Ros and her mom dyed silk and collected all sorts of interesting beads and lace to use in their creations. Ros' dad made each of the nine grandchildren a fairy box about the size of a TV and they decorated them with moss and dried flowers to make fairy gardens. Ros, her mom and their friends ended up making forty five fairies but unfortunately her mother passed away just as they were busy with the finishing touches. Ros and her mother had so much fun with the fairy making project that her mother made her promise that she would continue after her mom died.

For a while Ros made porcelain dolls using molds but soon lost interest due to the limitations of using porcelain molds. She went in search for something more interesting. She started sculpting fairies instead of using molds and found this to be more satisfying, until one day a friend asked if she could sculpt a baby. At that time Ros had no idea where to begin but when she got started everything worked so perfectly. Ros has never looked back.

Her first "studio" was behind the lounge chair in her living room! It was here that she taught herself what she could do with the clay. Ros felt that at least she could share time with her three children while she was working. She now has her own room in her house that she uses as her studio where she can spend hours and hours on her creations.

Ros has come a long way since her fairy days and her work was displayed at the Doll and Teddy Expo 2008. Ros says she wished her mother could see what she's doing now.

Ros is one of the doll artists that have designed dolls exclusively for Ashton Drake Dolls with her Miniature Sleeping Baby Doll Collection: Lullabies For Little Ones, a minute only 3" tall baby doll.

I am sure that any person buying one of her dolls will appreciate it all the more knowing the background of the artist. It is for this reason that I am searching for any information on any of the Ashton Drake Dolls Artists.

Sandy Faber - Ashton Drake Artist


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    • profile image

      stephanie 6 years ago

      I am also trying to find information on dolls that I have had for 22 years. They are ashton Drake in sailor outfits, a boy and girl. The artist is yolanda bello. It would be nice to find out their value because when they were bought for me, my father said they were suppose to go up in value every year. If anyone has any information, please email me @ Thanks

    • profile image

      Michelle 7 years ago

      I am researching Ashton Drake porcelain dolls and find that when I search the Artist in question or doll I do not get much information.If anybody can help please email me at Thanks x