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Ashton Drake Dolls

Updated on October 6, 2008

Ashton Drake Dolls

Where each and every doll is a true masterpiece...

The Ashton Drake Galleries just keep one step ahead giving them that competitive edge that made them and keeps them a market leader in the world of doll collecting. Just when you think that the playing field has leveled Ashton Drake does it again!!!

If you ever wondered why this brand has become synonymous with innovations in the doll collecting world then you'll know why when you follow their marketing strategies and innovative products over the past decades. Recently Donald J Vaccarello, the vice president of Ashton Drake Galleries explained that they would like to enhance the ethnic diversity into the doll world and therefore support and encourage doll makers to express the authentic beauty of the African-American, Latino, Asian, and Native American child. "We believe that these communities are greatly underserved in the doll marketplace today," he said. "As a leader in the field of master doll making, we've decided to commission a number of master doll artists to create exclusive dolls for us so we can bring enhanced ethnic diversity to the doll world."

The high demand for the Tiny Miracles Jasmine Collection, created by Master Doll Artists, Waltraud Hanl and Lorna Miller-Sands, exclusively for Ashton Drake, proves that Ashton Drake Galleries researched their market before creating these astonishingly life-like African American Dolls.

Ashton Drake Dolls' Unique Features

Another feature of the Real Touch Collection, exclusive to Ashton Drake is that they are superbly sculptured with patent-pending RealTouch vinyl skin that not only looks amazingly true because it has all the folds and creases of a real baby it also has the soft touch like the skin of a newborn baby. Adding to the beauty of these collectible dolls is their exceptionally realistic detailed features, including their tiny hand-painted finger- and toenails, their hand-applied micro-rooted hair and very petite eyelashes. Their hand-blown crystal eyes add that sparkle to their eyes and bring them to life..

Every doll comes with a gorgeous outfit and accessories that suits his or her "personality". These accessories could include a special scented blanket, a hair band or dainty cap, a hospital bracelet, diaper, pacifier or even in some instances - a breathing mechanism or a real wicker basket. Many of these accessories mentioned can also be purchased separately from most Ashton Drake Outlets.

The doll collecting world has become ever-changing but one thing seems to be certain - there will always be a market out there for Ashton Drake Dolls - the people behind these creations will make sure of that.


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    • profile image

      Susan Woods 3 weeks ago

      Yes she is for sale! I am asking $100 because they no longer make this little beauty. You can reach me at 801-427-9142.

    • profile image

      Susan Woods 4 weeks ago

      I have one for sale original condition with paperwork. As you know this little beauty was made in 2008. I paid $160 I am asking $100.00 Ibo

    • profile image

      Sherry Bethel 3 years ago

      I wasn't to buy this beautiful doll the no I have on her is 260x260 12.6kb I am not sure how this works. Let me know please. My email address is I wanted her when they had her on the Ashton Drake web site but she would gone before I could get her. Hope I have a chance to get her as I have found her again.

    • profile image

      so cute i want one so bad!!!!!! 3 years ago

      so cute i want one so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      claire 7 years ago

      are you selling her and if you are i want to buy her for 50.00$