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BEARFORCE1 - An Interview With Some Like It Scott

Updated on October 14, 2007


Forget Boy Bands, Meet The Bear Band!

Well, Perez Hilton may have been the first one to bring BEARFORCE1 to prominence but the Bears were delightful enough to give me this exclusive interview (okay, via email but still) during their first US tour. They're adorable and you can almost hear their accent as you read. Enjoy!

Thanks so much for taking the time out to answer some questions via email. You are truly the bears with the most buzz these days from gay websites to clubs (congrats on the record deal) so I appreciate you taking the time to teach us more about you. You're all adorable and the video is more than fun. As you're new to us gays, forgive me for asking some fundamental questions but we're all dying to know, how did you meet? We stumbled upon each other doing some linedancing ;-). No, Peter and Ian already knew each other. Same for Rob and Yuri. Together with Roeland Fernhout, a famous Dutch actor we have the great idea to start a Bearband! It was a logical step for all of us. We were bored to death of skinny young girl and boy bands. It was divine intervention above all.

Your bios (while almost adorable as your coordinating polo shirts in your publicity photos) don't really give us any insight as to how you each started in the music biz (of course other than Rob's great-grandmother being an opera singer) How did you each start singing? We all sing and compose for a lot of years already! Exactly, it all started at our birth J Ian and Peter were in another band before.

Who came up with the name BEARFORCE1? Well, we came up together after a really crazy night! But it was BEARFORCE1 from the start. May the BEARFORCE be with you!

Who are your biggest musical influences? We have a lot! But especially we are very fond of the eighties!

Okay, your video that is burning up YouTube starts out with some movement reminiscent of Village People's YMCA, moves to a little macarenaesque movement and eventually gets to the crotch grab and shirt removal. Who does your choreography? We work together with Nathalie from House of Orange. She is doing a great job helping us with fine tuning our choreography. We are currently working on the choreography of our Christmas single.

Was it intentional to mix great dance tunes to create the ultimate "mega-gay-medley" for your first (dare I say it) outing? All these songs are great and our personal favourites. We really wanted to make a BEARFORCE1 medley of it. Never thought about that it had to be the ‘Ultimate mega-gay-medley.' Club BEARFORCE1 is open for, female, young, old...hairy or not.

What can we expect to hear from you next? More club hits or is there a breathy ballad in you to make the world swoon? Well, you can expect our furry Christmas single soon! Currently we are in the studio to record it and we are going to shoot our video for it next week. Bears in the snow! Hopefully you will all like it.

What was the one thing you absolutely HAD to do while in the USA? Did you do it? Meet Annie Lennox. And yes we did J And we really have to meet Perez Hilton. We have to do that next time we are in his neighbourhood and we will be soon! Perez for President!

Rob, you're the only one in the group (currently) who has hair on his head. Any pressure from the guys to shave it? Not yet J We are all just who we are and we like it!

Your site says you're looking for a "spare bear"? I can only imagine the submissions you got. What was the craziest submission? And when will you announce your 5th bear? Yes, we were looking for a spare bear but we already found one! His name is Eddi and he is from Italy. He was also with us in the United States. We've had a lot of e-mails and phone calls from people who wanted to be part of BEARFORCE1, but it was very soon clear that Eddi was going to be the one!

Can't wait to see and hear more from these guys. To read and see more of BEARFORCE1 check out their website (click on the picture above or go to)

Read More Scott @


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