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Updated on June 14, 2008

Scorned Women Will Turn their Backs on November Democrats

by Helen Borel

I fear the media, which has hyped the race card (that was never the issue at all in the contest between Barack and Hillary) to the hilt during the primaries, will now have to lie in the bed (or maybe they'll be ousted to the couch) they have made...come November.

America is Still Stuck in the Male Misogynist Era

Never before have I witnessed such anti-female prejudice; except when in my generation a woman would, God forbid, doing her best achieve a high position,or earn it but a less qualified male colleague would get it. How small-minded our nation still is. But, how dare we not take the concept of a female leader seriously? It's disgusting what was done to Senator Clinton.

But Wait, America...There are a Lot of Angry Women Out There So, here's my prediction:


I hear they feel this country's time was ready for a female president. LIKE OTHER CIVILIZED NATIONS! Like Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Like Prime Minister Golda Meir. Like Indira Ghandi. Like Benazir Bhuto. Like that Norwegian woman president, whose name I can't remember...even like the Amazons running their own society.

If these angry American women, who feel betrayed by their own party, rise up and act in concert at voting venues throughout the U.S. of A. in November:

- Angry that the men in this country are rabidly sexist (as are some of their wives and sisters too, who may be jealous of a woman being a peer with their husbands instead of subservient to them)...

- Angry that the media in this nation was exceptionally biased against Senator Hillary Clinton during the Democratic Primary Campaign...

- Angry that Senator Clinton was forced to concede despite receiving more of the popular vote...

Then expect the Democratic nominee for president to lose.


Forget about that "racist" nonsense. America is still in the Dark Ages when it comes to concepts of egalitarianism toward females. Add to that prejudice the youth and inexperience (not to mention the naivete toward nefarious international players) of Senator Obama and you'll recognize that he is a baby, politically, compared to the experience of Senators McCain and Clinton.

Because of which, we're going to get a Republican president!

The only way to prevent that would be for Obama to choose Clinton as his Vice President. But I don't think the Democrats are smart enough to recognize the power of women in this nation. The way they threw Clinton to the media wolves, the Democrats are blind to more than half this country's voters - FEMALES!

It's not about race, guys. It's never been about race. It's about the RACE TO DISEMPOWER WOMEN. This female-marauding Primary was never about race, guys. Never about the color of the candidates' skins. It's been about skinning the leadership possibilities off women. It's not about color. It's about gender. How dare women still desire equality? After fighting for it in the Sixties (60s), where did it go?

And it's also about experience. And about action, not mere words!

It's going to be President McCain, if the Democratic Party doesn't take the gender issue seriously. Remember, a woman scorned is not a happy camper and she'll make you miserable while she's unhappy. What does the Democratic dysleadership think will happen with millions of women scorned?

In 2012, the Agenda will be About Gender

Female Democrats appear, to me at least (others seem to be blind about this because they are not even discussing this prime issue much, if at all) to be READY FOR A WOMAN LEADER OF THIS NATION. And these women are mad as hell about what the Party did to Hillary. I don't think they will put up with this.

I believe many, if not most, of these angry women will vote for McCain. It'll be their only way of protest. Their sole opportunity to send a scathing message to the Democratic misleaders. To jostle them and jolt them into realizing that, come 2012, watch out! The agenda will be about gender. We will even have two women on their respective Republican and Democratic tickets. Each. That will include v.p. candidates as well.

Guys...We've had male presidents all along. Look where it got us. Into wars. Into jobs outsourced to other countries while many here are underemployed or unemployed. Deep into a failing economy. Real Estate in hot water. Katrina victims living in shelters or under bridges due to male-government-run FEMA which managed not to get basic supplies and necessities to the Louisiana victms, while leaving millions of tax-dollar-paid new supplies in expensive storage, undistributed to those in need. And, last but not least, tainted Rx drugs, left without professional, scientific or ethical oversight.

Do we need another man, of either party, to give us more of the same?

(c) copyright 2008 Helen Borel. All rights reserved.

For permissions and rights, email me

And feel free to visit my other diverse writings at: & BOREL SATIRE: FREUD


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    • SweetiePie profile image

      SweetiePie 9 years ago from Southern California, USA

      I am pretty sure Obama will win. McCain has a following, but people in larger states where I live such as California are going to back Obama. I was right back in 2004 when I told everyone I knew Bush would win again and they did not believe me, so I am 90% certain Obama will win this time. If not, I was wrong, but lets see if I am right. Interesting hub.

    • profile image

      Helen 9 years ago

      Dear peeling and Constant Walker: I am so pleased to have you each express your points of view on this issue. I just have been distressed that the nation's journalists have rarely addressed the gender-bias issue in this country in general since sexism has, heretofore, prevented women from even seeking the highest office in the U.S.

      We'll see, guys. If the female majority in this country is not strong enough to demonstrate their dismay at the Democrats' Primary decision by going over to the McCain camp, then yes, Peeling, we'll have to settle for whatever we get. Maybe Obama will astound us and mature into the job; sometimes, certain individuals rise to a challenge once they are irrevocably placed in a circumstance where their higher selves are constrained to make responsible choices. So, in that case, we'll have an Obama-Nation. -Helen

      Also, I still think the Mickey Mouse system of ignoring the popular vote (the majority) and using the "Electoral College" is an out-of-whack system; so too the notion of "superdelegates" (what's that?) who have the power to throw their support behind one primary candidate when the popular vote is going in a different direction appears nuts to me. I think the voters in those venues should be most disturbed that their wishes are being overridden by people having excess power!

    • Constant Walker profile image

      Constant Walker 9 years ago from Springfield, Oregon

      I was ready for a woman president, have always thought a woman would be a wiser, more level-headed choice, but I am pulling for Obama. The more I listened to Clinton the more I realized that a government with her at the helm would be more of the same ol' same ol'. And I turned off by the way she ran her campaign. She changed my mind (but not permanently. I would still like to see a woman president). Not the media, which was definitely unfair towards her. Simply put, I think Obama will be a better president.

    • peeling profile image

      peeling 9 years ago

      Helen, I don't deny that Clinton was subjected to a sexist attitude. As a woman and a Clinton supporter, your anger is justified. But you need to come to terms with reality, because Obama is the official Democratic nominee, and from what little I know about politics and history, I can tell you that Obama is going to be the next President - Like it or not.

    • pjdscott profile image

      pjdscott 9 years ago from Durham, UK

      I'm not a US citizen, so please bear that in mind - I'm writing from a European's perspective. Having backed Senator Clinton to succeed, I was extremely surprised at the outcome. Surprised because I believed the Democrats were a more liberal and informed party. Surprised because Clinton's policys were more sound than those of Obama. Regretably, I don't think America is quite ready for a non-white President either. So the winners will be the Republicans -- and the losers -- the citizens of the world.

      Some great issues in this hub - hope you get some lively debate.