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Bacterial Vaginosis Treatment

Updated on March 19, 2008

What Every Woman Should Know

A prescription for a course of antibiotic medication is usually the first step in bacterial vaginosis treatment plans. Your doctor will determine through testing what has caused your vaginal infection.

Because a yeast infection can exhibit many of the same symptoms as bacterial vaginosis, it is important to verify what the actual source is to implement the correct remedial treatment.

Antibiotics are effective in attacking the unhealthy bacteria causing the infection within a short period of time and allow the body to recuperate more quickly.

Supplements are available to assist the immune system in the healing process and improve overall good health. Your physician may recommend a multivitamin with minerals to replace those that you may be missing in your daily intake.

Vitamins and minerals are important to maintain a strong and healthy immune system to fend off unhealthy organisms that may cause illness. Another suggestion that may be added to a bacterial vaginosis treatment plan is the consumption of milk products and yogurt that are high in acidophilus cultures.

If you have an infection, active acidophilus cultures can assist the body in restoring the acidic environment in the vagina where lactobacillus, good bacteria, dwell and defend against harmful germs.

When unhealthy bacteria disrupt the pH level in the vagina, they are allowed to reproduce and overwhelm the good bacteria resulting in a vaginal infection. Regular use of products with acidophilus cultures can also prevent infections from developing by maintaining the pH level and letting lactobacillus organisms remain dominant and able to resist the invasion of offensive bacteria.

Naturalists and herbal specialists have decreed that some organic elements can treat, cure, and prevent vaginal infections. Although this may be true, herbal medicines may cause more harm than being effective as bacterial vaginosis cures.

Pregnant women and patients on prescription medications should consult with their medical practitioner or pharmacist before taking any herbal remedies. Some herbs can cause serious complications during pregnancy that can affect both mother and child. Drug interactions with prescription medications can occur with dangerous side effects if extreme caution is not taken.

Some simple home remedies can help alleviate discomfort and bring symptomatic relief while undergoing bacterial vaginosis treatment. Suggestions include the application of cool compresses to swollen genital tissues to constrict blood vessels and reduce the swelling.

A nice warm bath can soothe irritated and tender areas but it is advised that soaps and bath oils be avoided as they can dry out sensitive skin and worsen symptoms.

Medical professionals advise that if you think you have a vaginal infection, or suspect one may be developing, to see your physician for his opinion and recommendations for bacterial vaginosis cures as soon as possible.


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