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Bail this out

Updated on September 24, 2008

Billions of dollars are on the line as the government tries to do something to bail out the economy. It won't work. Band aid fixes don't work, and this will put us in debt even more. Of course, hey after being in debt 400 trillion dollars, whats another 600 billion or so anyway.

They don't get it, they just don't get it. To save the economy you have to get money to the people that will spend it, and ensure they can spend it.

Get rid of the tax shelters for big corporations and the excessively wealthy. Make them pay the full taxes they are required to just like everbody else. This will replenish some money to the treasury.

Regulate the oil industry. Gas corporations are ruining this country. They jack the price up and down at a whim. They are already over the billion dollar profit margin for the year, time to make them pay for it. Regulate gas at a set price and forbid it to rise above it. The high and unstable price of gas is forcing everything else to rise. Food especially above this.

Look at the base necessities for people to live. Food, electricity, housing, and transportation. Fix the gas prices and the utilities and food will come in line. The housing is hosed because nobody is lending, people are late on payments and have bad credit. Issue a % debt forgiveness to those who need it. Base it off an amount of money per household, and the debt to income ratio. Work with the people to find a house that is affordable, and fix the mortgage rates at 3%. It would have the option to be lower, but never higher.

Stimulate the job market. Give incentives for companies to keep jobs here, and penalties for those that move overseas.

This would all help a short term fix. Long term is to not allow CEO's large compensation packages for bankrupting a business. If they can afford the multi-million dollar payout, but can't afford anything else, they have a book keeping problem.

The economy is tanking hard, and nothing on the books will help the everyday people, the ones who suffer the most from this.


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    • tngolfplayer profile image

      tngolfplayer 9 years ago from Knoxville

      True, but after watching some investors on wall street throw a fit last night, I am glad they didn't. Nobody is bailing out the moms and pops, nobody is bailing out the homeowners. The way the bill was worded yesterday was still going to give executives at least 500k. They should get two weeks like everybody else. I support help, but not like what they are trying to get.

      If they want to help the american people, they need to help the people, not the investors, crooked brokers, and over paid execs.

    • Storytellersrus profile image

      Barbara 9 years ago from Stepping past clutter

      Well the bail out would have saved us the loss of $1 trillion dollars today.  That's a tad more than $700 billion and tomorrow the House will not be in session, nor Wednesday.  While I was furious that this surprise dropped out of the sky (not), I think the Republicans made a big mistake today not delivering half the vote.

      You may be interested to note that my husband's little oil company is constantly on a roller coaster ride and this bail out hits them hard- they finally have some good prospects that took a year to analyze and now they can't find investors. The oil business isn't all an easy buck, as you imply- or more people would survive it.

      Still, you sound pretty wise. Why not get involved? Great minds... our country needs you.