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Baptism-Don't Confuse the Method with the Message

Updated on June 8, 2008

Baptism-Don't Confuse the Message with the Message

There are at least two issues that need to be examined when dealing with baptism: there is the METHOD and the MESSAGE of baptism. The method may vary from denomination to denomination. Some of the better known methods of baptism are: 1. Baptising in a body of moving water, like a stream. A church using this method may use different means to baptise the person, (it may be total immersion one time backwards, or three times forward, by putting the head under water, one time for each member of the God-Head, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.) 2. Most baptist hold to total immersion, one time backward, like a person being buried. This is usually done in a church baptizmal although I've seen it/or heard of it being done in swimming pools and on water hazards on a golf course. 3. Some sprinkle. (This was started as a result of saving time since it was faster than immersion.) 4. There are some churches that sprinkle babies. Over the next few years, before they are allowed to become church members, it's the parents responsibility to bring up the child in such a way, the baby will want church membership. The baptism they had as a baby is then tranferred as being valid when they join the church.

Regardless of the method, the message is this - a person has died to sin and is being raised to a new life in Christ. Another way of stating it is, it's an outward expression of an inner decision. Another message is that as Christ was raised from the dead, so will the person being baptised be raised from the dead.

Is baptism required for salvation? Answer: NO! To state that baptism is required for salvation is indicating two things, God's grace is not sufficient for salvation and a person has to work for their salvation. (Anytime you attached anything to God's grace for salvation, a form of work is needed.)


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