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Bariatric Surgery

Updated on February 11, 2008

What Is bariatric Surgery?

What is bariatric surgery?
it is a form of Surgery which is used to assist Obese or Morbidly 
obese patients to reduce weight in order to improve their Lifestyle. 
With obesity levels reaching epidemic proportions in society,
weight loss surgery has emerged as a popular, and potentially life 
saving option. Many people who suffer from obesity (a BMI reading 
of 35 or greater) and morbid obesity (BMI greater than 40)have 
little or no success with conventional weight reduction treatments.
The best alternative for such Patients is Bariaric (or gastric band 
surgery) because it is a fairly simple operation requiring little no
major surgery. The surgery is carried out by Laporascopic Surgery, 
which requires only small incisions to the abdomen to allow the 
Instruments access to the stomach are of the patient. 

The adjustable Bariatric lap band

The bariatric gastric band
The bariatric gastric band

Gastric Banding Surgery

The Bariatric gastric Band itself (which is a hollow inflatable band) is then passed around the stomach of the patient at the upper end of the stomach approximately 2 thirds of the way up. Once the Band has been passed around the stomach it is secured in place by sutures to avoid the possibility of it from slipping from its position.

The band is attached to a tube which then connected to a special "valve" which is then sutured into Position just below the skin of the patient in the abdomen. Once the Band, the tube, and the "valve" are in Place the surgeon will then proceed to inflate the band by injecting a sterile fluid into the Inflatable gastric band which then tightens around the stomach. This inflation process then narrows the banded area of the stomach restricting the flow of food between the top and the bottom of stomach.

The patients Subconcious reaction to this restriction is that the stomach feels full after eating only small amounts of food or fluid, thereby reducing the total intake of food required by the patient..

The Surgeons can adjust the amount of food intake required for each patient by adjusting the Band on occasions, hence the term "adjustable gastric band"

The success rate of this type of surgery is very high because it is reasonably simple to perform, carries few risks for the Patients and is fully reversible as and when required.


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