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Be Gay Just Do Not BE Gay

Updated on March 16, 2007

Be Gay But Don't BE Gay (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) - Don't Get Me Started!

In the latest on the whole General Pace comment regarding homosexual acts being immoral; some of the other presidential hopefuls have weighed in. Per usual, their answer is a lesson in political ridiculousness. Kansas senator and presidential hopeful, Sam Brownback (again I say, could these people's names evoke any more gay images? Or is it just me?) is writing a letter to the President praising General Pace's comments and asking other congressmen to sign it. However, like most politicians he left the closet door ajar a bit by saying that he doesn't think homosexuality is immoral but homosexual acts are indeed immoral. In other words, be gay but don't be gay (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) - Don't Get Me Started!

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney (the Mormon Presidential candidate) spoke in circles stating that he felt Pace's comments were "inappropriate for public discourse" then stating the great thing about America is that Pace can think whatever he wants but said in a governmental setting, the right way to go is to show more of an outpouring of tolerance. He went on to tell Larry King that he didn't feel the "don't ask, don't tell" policy made a lot of sense but he wouldn't change it now. Isn't that who you want for President? A man who knows a policy is wrong but does nothing about it? Someone who wants the "show" of tolerance but doesn't really mean any of it? But since America isn't ready for a Mormon president, we don't have much to worry about.

For all the supposed strides that gays have made we are still meant to be seen, laughed at but not politically heard and certainly not thought of as having sex! Eeek! And by all means, whenever there is talk of gay sex, make sure that you talk about orgies, Sodom and Gomorrah, sex with children and the entire animal kingdom.

Last night I saw commercials for two different sitcoms that had the flamboyant gay character and the straight characters responding accordingly. You know, the "Oh those gays, with their pink feather boas, they are zany aren't they?" I mean, when you look at it closely enough, we are the new black people. Back in the "Golden Age of Hollywood" blacks were mostly seen tap dancing, being a servant to a white person or bugging their eyes out for an extreme reaction take. And who could forget all the performers like Al Jolson (who performed in black face) and even Judy and Mickey, "blacking up" for a finale in one of their movies with their gross imitation/exaggeration of blacks? My point is that when you stop to think about it, we gays have taken their place. If the character is gay they are either used as "entertainment" for the straight people in the script, waiting on the straights or "clutching their pearls" and gasping in an extreme reaction take. When the "straights" play "gay" on a show, they are always camping it up, going over the top much like Jolson or Mickey and Judy. And while I know a lot of people don't feel it's a fair comparison all you have to do is look at one episode of Will and Grace or any other show with gay characters to see that we gays are the ones tap dancing, serving and delivering the over-the-top takes in television today.

"Playing" gay seems to be an obsession in this country. People find it hysterical to lisp, show a limp wrist or butch it up if you're doing a lesbian impersonation. But when it comes to actually being gay suddenly everyone gets very serious. Much like the politicians are saying to us, some people don't care if we're gay just don't make them think about us really being gay - you know, having sex. Well, here's the news flash, there aren't too many people I want to think about having sex. I mean come on, do you really want to imagine Hillary and Bill Clinton going at it? Oprah and Stedman? The list goes on and on. So I suggest that they stop thinking about the sex and start thinking about the person. I'm sure if we knew half of the stuff that people were doing in their bedrooms we'd never be able to make eye contact with anyone we know ever again. So let's do the right thing and leave what happens in the bedroom (alley, airplane bathroom, etc.) to the people actually engaged in the act and do our best not to think about it. On the other hand, don't ask me to lie about having sex with the same sex, or play the fop for you so that you can convince yourself I'm an asexual court jester put on this earth for your entertainment. And I certainly won't listen to everything in the media and from politicians that says be gay but don't be gay (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) - Don't Get Me Started!

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    • Ralph Deeds profile image

      Ralph Deeds 10 years ago from Birmingham, Michigan

      Bill Clinton tried to do the right thing about gays in the military, but he was shot down by none other than General Colin Powell whose career benefited from Harry Truman's executive order integrating the military and subsequent affirmative action programs. The same phony argument was used to oppose the integration of blacks in the military, i.e., that, due to white opposition, it would reduce the military's effectiveness in accomplishing its mission. Truman was not dissuaded by this specious argument which amounted to "We can't integrate because whites are so prejudiced against blacks that our mission would be compromised." Yet 50 years later essentially the same argument prevailed when "don't ask don't tell" was adopted. Not only is it of doubtful Constitutionality, it is simply not true that, with proper leadership, openly gay men and women can't serve side by side with straight servicemen and women without compromising the mission, as they do in workplaces everywhere else.