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Beauty & Health

Updated on January 28, 2008

Beauty parlours,Health clubs, Hospitals etc. are doing brisk business these days extracting lot of money from the public.The villain here is none other than the FOOD what we gulp in. If we take the right food at right time you can easily avoid a trip to any of these places, can save a lot of moolah and most imporantly live healthy.

For this what is most important is to have little will power and to attain this the easiest way is to practice yoga regularly. The difference between Yoga and other forms of exercises is that when all other exercises concentrate only on body,Yoga deals with Body, Mind and Soul. The ultimate aim of Yoga is to take you to the perfect bliss by the extinction of individuality and for this at first we've to purify our Body and Mind. The very first day of practice you can feel the difference happening in your body and after few days you will be a different person altogether.

Coming back to food, With little cautious about the health I am sure you can avoid most of the cooked foods. In the begining start with breakfast and then slowly you can increase the no.of items and i am sure that the energy and the freshness you feel will make you change your food habits. Drinking 1.5 Litre water early morning will help you get rid of most of the disease other than those are genetic. This is no Herculian task as one may think. Only the first 3 days you will find it bit difficult but then on you start enjoying every bit of it by seeing the result on your body.Please make sure not to take any food for the next one hour. Along with keeping many desease at bay this also gives you a glowing skin. By doing this you end up drinking more than 2.5 litres of water daily.

Here is some menu for those interested.


Wholemeal bread, Sprout Dal, Honey in place of Jam, Peanut Butter. Breakfast Cereals, Oats, Fruits, Milk

Keep all those vegetables which can be eaten raw available with in reach so that you can go for it whenever you feel hungry. By doing this you can eat less during the Lunch also you can alter the habit of having three main meal a day and eat only when you feel hungry.

In the beginning stage one find it hard to leave the lunch, for them, make a broth of broken brown rice or wheat and if some sprout dal is mixed with this in the middle of cooking then it doesn't require any other curry. For a change go for Jacket Potato or any other roots. Try to include Colour capsicum, Broccoli, in the salad. Broccoli can be boiled a little and used. Do not waste the water in which you boil vegetable but use this in place of soup. Once or twice a week include some fish which has more Omega-3. Eat lots of fruits.

Evening time go for a veg. soup and fruits

It's not necessary to stick to this but keep exploring and try out your favourites everytime, keeping the cooked items to a minimum.Whenever you get temptation to go for a feast dont hesitate and enjoy.If you can follow some routine like this I can assure that you will be a different man altogether and start enjoying the real life.


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      highwaystar 10 years ago

      Easy and enjoyable ready, excellent info...a well put together hub page, makes a lot of good sense!