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Benefits of Doing It Yourself

Updated on October 21, 2008

Benefits of doing it yourself

Changing your oil, cleaning your house, washing your car and mowing your lawn. These are all things that many people pay others to do for them. These are all things that most people can do themselves. There are many benefits to doing things yourself. The number one reason that comes to mind is that it saves money. For example, changing your oil will save you $15-$20 each time you do it. This is after you purchase the oil and filter. The average family has 2 cars. If you change the oil in both cars every 3 months as recommended, you will save between $120 and $160 every year.

A bigger savings will come when you clean your own house. I could pay $100 a week to have someone come clean my house. It would be nice not to clean it myself. But I would rather have that $5200 every year. If you have someone come every two weeks, you will save $2600 or so by doing it yourself. This money would pay for a pretty nice vacation for my family. Mowing your own lawn will save you several hundred dollars each summer.

Other things that are easy to do yourself are cutting your children's hair (possibly even your spouse's), cooking your own meals instead of ordering in or going out, painting the walls yourself instead of hiring a painter (painting is really very easy and good exercise), electrical work (much easier than most people think, just remember to turn off the power before your begin), minor repair work around the house, minor car repair, moving (this can save thousands over hiring a mover), and even grocery shopping (yes, stores offer home delivery).

Another reason to do things yourself, is to become more self-sufficient. I do not like to rely on other people for things and the more I can do myself the better. Doing things yourself also provides a lot of satisfaction and pride in a person. When someone can say "I did that!" or "I made that!" it means so much more, than "I bought that." or "He fixed it for me". Doing things myself has saved me lots of time over the years as well. I can also get something done, exactly when I want it done, not when someone else can come take care of it.

Many of you are probably thinking that you don't have the time for this or that you don't know how to do these things. As for time, many of these things don't take as much time as going somewhere to have them done. I could buckle my children in the van and drive to a haircut place, wait for however long it might take for it to be our turn, because you can almost never just walk right in, sit while they actually cut the children's hair, then buckle them back in the car and come home. The times I have taken my children to get their haircut has taken a minimum of an hour, but usually longer. If I were to take them all at once, it would probably take two hours or more. I can cut their hair myself, at home, in about 10 minutes for the boys or 20 minutes for the girls. And I don't have to try to entertain a bunch of kids in a crowded waiting room. My husband can change the oil in one car in about 30 minutes. This is much faster than going somewhere and waiting for it to be done.

I didn't know how to cut hair when I first started. My husband didn't know how to do electrical before we finished our basement ourselves. But it wasn't hard to learn. The library has books on every subject. The internet is a never ending source of wonderful information on everything you could imagine. It takes some extra time in the beginning to learn something new, but in the long run doing things yourself will save you time and money. You just have to do it!


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    • midnightbliss profile image

      Haydee Anderson 

      9 years ago from Hermosa Beach

      My father is a do it yourself enthusiast, He fixes almost anything and evething that is broken or not functioning at home, and i find it fun to help him and learn things around the house.

    • hot dorkage profile image

      hot dorkage 

      10 years ago from Oregon, USA

      Totally! Unless u got bucks to burn DIY.

    • Jennifer profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago

      Thanks Dafla! This was one of my first hubs.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Jennifer, someone was asking on the forums who the first hubbers were, and I knew you were one of the first. I never saw this hub, because by the time I got here, you had well over 100 hubs, and I was reading the latest ones.

      I'm a DIY'er myself. I will do anything myself that I am physically able to do. Otherwise, I need help, but I will help whoever is doing it. Came from being a single mom for twenty years.

      Hopefully, sweetie, this will give some more attention to some of your earlier hubs. They really are quite good, you know, and deserve more attention.

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      This is one of our favorite ways to save money. What I like the most of doing things yourself is that you learn new skills every time you embark on something new. We do a lot of the things you mentioned. My husband changes our oil, he also finished the basement in our other home. Here in our new home he put up the fence around our backyard, no small project at all. At the beginning he was a little hesitant to change the oil because he said it wasn't worth the hassle. But he found a friend who talked him through it and that's how he became more comfortable with it. It really helps if you can find a buddy or someone to show you how to do things first. This same friend is talking to him about flushing the car fluids himself too. He showed him a resource online where he could find all the technical support he needs and he would help him. My car is going to need it soon and they quoted us $600, to have this done!! We have to pay $75 for three years access to this website online. I doubt any materials will come close to $600. So that's substantial saving right there.

      DIY is the way to go!


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