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Best Outfits for Traveling

Updated on January 30, 2009


Newark to London, then London to Milan and finally a train trip to your destination. When traveling long distance for many hours, passengers may not expect to arrive in their freshest state. A good comfortable outfit however, can make a big difference. All it takes is to go to the airport and look at seasoned travelers, most likely featuring nice loose clothes and comfortable shoes.

-Wrinkle Free Clothing

Yes, indeed. The wording is correct. No more need to send your outfits to the dry cleaner and pay those costly hotel charges. Wrinkle free clothing allows you to simply wash your clothing without the necessity of getting it pressed or ironed. This is a must for travelers that like to look neat and hate wrinkly outfits or spending their money of getting their outfits pressed. These outfits are made of special fabrics that are granted to come out of your luggage crisp and neat.

-Crinkle shirts

This is the opposite of wrinkle free clothing. In this case, these shirts are so full of crinkles that a wrinkle or two will hardly be noticed. No need to be pressed or ironed whatsoever. The shirt can be washed from the comfort of your hotel room and hung up to dry in the shower.

-Comfortable pants

No need for a belt, no zippers. This will make going through the security checkpoint a breeze! No more setting off the metal detector alarm and embarrassing pat downs. The ideal traveling pants are only equipped with elastic, simply think jogging pants or any other sporty attire. Think simple and comfy. If you are looking for something a bit more stylish, you may find some nice khakis featuring the same comfortable extras without sacrificing the looks.

-Slip off shoes

How long does it take to take off shoes at the security check point? Chances are if you wear shoes with shoelaces it may even take minutes. With slip on shoes? Less than reading this sentence. Slip on shoes are also great for those that like to snuggle on the flight and take off their shoes.

-Twin sets

Twin sets work great because they offer you style while having the opportunity of wearing them together or apart or even mix matching them as preferred. Twin sets are no longer dull, boring attire with no personality. Rather, some can be very feminine and exhibit trims and small details that make them stand out.

-Travel trousers

Men will enjoy micro fiber travel trousers for comfy travel gear. They are easy to carry and virtually wrinkle-proof. They also often have a concealed pocket for valuables in order to grant confidentiality. 

Traveling in absolute comfort is of utmost importance for frequent travelers. Whether traveling for leisure or for business purposes, you want to arrive at your destination relaxed and fresh for your journey. Making this happen is totally up to you.


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    • ocbill profile image


      9 years ago from hopefully somewhere peaceful and nice

      defintiely need wrinkle-free stuff..great hub :-)

    • andrewpeterson profile image


      9 years ago from Watford

      Nice outfit's collection for traveling but i like shorts, t-shirts and slippers.


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