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Best way to consolidate bills.

Updated on January 3, 2008

Get into Low Interest Credit Card

The very best way to consolidate Bills is to get a Low Interest Credit card thathas Low Interest Balance Transfer for Life of the Loan . When You apply for such Credit cards you get a Set of Checks That you can give to your existsing high interest Credits and Others Debts. Once you transfer all your Debts to this Low Interest Credit Card . Make a Minimum Payment Every month and Also Do not use this low interest card for any other purchases. It should be kept only for Consolidating and Very soon you will be out of Debt . It works like a Charm .

If you pay little over the minimum balance you may some times get rewarded . After few months call the Credit Card Company and ask for lowering your interest rate further. Explain your financial situation. Normally most of the Companies lower by couple % points. It is a free call and it helps you save $100s. Hope this help's.

Also always look out for 0% interest for 1 year credit card andtake advantage of it . It is a free money for one year interest free which you can use to lower your bill payment.

Here is a good website that gives such credit cards offers.


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