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Bigfoot Body Found

Updated on January 14, 2009
Bigfoot Photos
Bigfoot Photos

Is Bigfoot a Myth?

Welcome to the Internet compendium of bigfoot information.  Bigfoot is always a topic that interested me. Does he exist? If so, is it still alive? Are there more than one of it? Are all of the various sightings simply people playing tricks, or have some people really seen it? Is it a he?

Well, I honestly don't know. What I have here, though, is a compendium of bigfoot information from around the Internet. So take a look!!

Bigfoot Sightings?

Has Bigfoot DNA Ever Been Found?

No it has not. To my knowledge, noone has ever gotten a sample of bigfoot's DNA. Were any to be discovered, he would likely be classified as a primate related to apes.  It does seem odd to me that after four hundred years of searching, noone has ever brought in a dead bigfoot for a DNA test.  Either four hundred years of people are stupid, or bigfoot doesn't exist.  Nevertheless, I wouldn't count out human stupidity :)

Bigfoot Found?

Bigfoot Hoax? Or Real?

So is bigfoot real?  Well, there's a group of individuals who say he is.  They believe that the species has a very low population density, and that through natural selection, it has become extremely adept at evading humans from seeing one.  They go around the US (and Canada) searching for him.  Take a look at thier website below. 

Bigfoot Hoax

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