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Barack Obama Prefers The (Wheel); Were As Bill O'Reilly Would Rather Remain Ignorant And (Drag) Heavy Things!

Updated on November 6, 2008

Bill O'Reilly Did Exactly What I Thought He Would Do And Lessened Barack Obama's Win! Pure IGNORANCE!)

I used to watch Bill O'Reilly; I even thought he was an Independent at one point in time. But then came the 2004 President Election. Bill had been defending George Bush almost daily for years. He went on Talk-Shows and (Claimed) he was an "Independent". Even when people pointed out the fact that he is a Republican; Bill denied it. Then George Bush won, and Bill was in Heaven! He had the biggest smile on his face that I had ever seen him have! That is when I knew for a fact that he was a Republican. Fast-Forward 2 years, and when the Democrats took power of the US Senate & the United States House of Representatives; Bill came on the air with this look of anger, and stated that Democrats should be (Humble) of their win. That they shouldn't try and Impeach George Bush. I thought "Wow, he was gloating at the new-found power that George Bush had won 2 years ago, and now he is telling the Democrats to be Humble?" When George Bush won re-election; he was Arrogant. He told the press that he had New-Found-Power and that he intended to use it. Which made Bill O'Reilly Glow with Lust! Then 2 years later Bill O'Reilly realized that George Bush and the Republicans ruined everything they had; so Bill thought the Democrats should be Humble? Fast-Forward another 2 years, and the Republicans were Spanked again last night! The Republicans lost control of not only the White-House, but the US Senate & the United States House of Representatives became even more Democratically controlled! So what did Bill O'Reilly do? He came on TV and made it seemed that people (ONLY) voted for Obama because of the Economy. Bill couldn't even say "Hey, Great Job Obama!" without throwing in his Bias Nonsense! He didn't mention that the Republicans were losing in the polls for years now. He didn't mention how well Obama campaigned and was able to bring more people together. He didn't mention the Touching Speech that both Obama and John McCain made last night. He made sure he didn't make mention one of the biggest reasons why the Republican as so hated; GEORGE BUSH W!! All Bill could see is that his Ignorance and Hatred was dying! That more people have become Understanding to the ways of the world. In Bill O'Reilly's mind; he is stuck in the 1800's. Even though Bill wasn't even a thought in the 1800's; Bill still understands that the level of Ignorance was at it's peak way back then. So guys like Bill O'Reilly Pray-To-God for those days to come again! Anyone with a 1-Brain-Cell knows how completely Out-Of-Touch Bill is with the Black Community. Bill O'Reilly's comments about how a Black-Owned Restaurant was Actually run (WELL), because he thought people would be yelling Swear-Words and Ebonics, and they wouldn't be using Silverware! Yeah, Bill made that comment. So needless to say Bill is incapable of seeing what a Great-Thing-Happen-Last-Night! He's Rich, He's White, He's Old, And He's A Republican! So he never had to face any major hardships in his life.

But what's so horrible about a Bigot like Bill O'Reilly; is that people actually listen to what he has to say. There is people out in the world that love hearing that Ignorant message about "The-Old-America". These are people that are afraid of the fact that by 2050; White people will be the Minority. So whereas guys like me couldn't care less about that stat. Actually I like the idea of America becoming better in that way. We are all lucky, because in so many countries around the world; they only have Their-Own-Culture. Wherein we have a nice mix of EVERYTHING! So we get to sample the BEST of what the world has to offer. Guys like Bill O'Reilly hate that idea! If it were up to them, the USA would be ALL-White, ALL-Straight-All-Christian, and ALL-Ignorant! I should point out though that NOT ALL Republicans are like Bill O'Reilly. Bill is just the Fanatical-Example of Conservative-Republicans. Do you know what another word for Conservative is? IGNORANT! In the very meaning of Conservative it lists " Tending To Oppose Change." When I think of Conservative-Republicans; I think of the (WHEEL). How so many years ago someone discovered this perfect way to move heavy items around called the "Wheel". But you know that there was still people that were like "No Way! That Wheel Is Evil! I'm Sticking With Dragging Heavy Items Around!" Imagine if those people had Complete-Control. We would all still be Dragging things around; Completely Oblivious to the 1,000,000 Times better way of doing things; by using a Wheel.

So guys like Bill O'Reilly want us to all Drag things around. They don't want the world to change for the better. They think the Old-Way is better no matter what. And in all honest; they are the same Types of people that died out because they didn't Upgrade to the Wheel. Their lives were so much harder then they had to be, and Evolution let them Die-Out. Evolution only wants the Strongest, Smartest and the Most adaptable to Live-On. So at least people like myself know that once guys like Bill O'Reilly Pass-away from Old-age; that they Ignorance will hopefully die with them. So while Obama wants to use the Wheel to help make the world better for all of us; Bill is happy with just Dragging around his Shame. I don't know what side you want to be on, but I want to be a Positive-Part of Human-Evolution. But clearly Bill O'Reilly has decided to stay Ignorant! Will see what Groups is here in 500 years! The Adaptable? Or the Stubborn?


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