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Blood Pressure Cuffs

Updated on February 2, 2009

Blood Pressure Monitoring At Home

Home Blood Pressure Cuffs

You know the feeling.  You are sitting on the table at the doctor’s office.  The nurse comes in and wraps your arm in the blood pressure cuff and squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, she inflates it.  The cuff tightens around your arm, you feel your heart pump harder and faster and you just know that your blood pressure is rising with each squeeze.  This is all too common and is often called the white coat syndrome.  That means that as soon as you see the doctor, your blood pressure climbs.

Researchers have found that most people’s blood pressure rises sharply when talking to the doctor.  It rises especially high if the conversation is about blood pressure.  Usually, the blood pressure goes back down shortly thereafter.

This is all the more reason why anyone who is concerned about their blood pressure to buy a blood pressure cuffs for their home.  The last thing you want when you are taking your blood pressure is stress and anxiety.  You can skip all of this by using your own blood pressure cuff.  It also makes it easy for you to check your blood pressure whenever you want.  It is good to check it at different times of the day to monitor the levels.

Aside from reducing the stress, people who own a blood pressure cuff and check it regularly at home will often take a more active role in lowering their blood pressure. 

There are also many different kinds of blood pressure cuffs to use at home.  You can use digital blood pressure cuffs, omron blood pressure cuffs, wrist cuffs, and automated blood pressure cuffs.  Really, they are easy to use and there is a model for everyone to help to regain their health and take control of their hypertension.


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