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Blooming Buds Combines Earbuds with Fashion

Updated on January 28, 2009

Clearly, the iPod has made more than a significant contribution to the music industry and technology.  It wasn’t just the device itself and MP3 formats, but the creation of the earbuds.  These tiny little things changed how we listen to music, and almost gone are the days where the curved bar goes over our head. 


The earbuds are more than just a practical design, but they are fashionable as well.  A company known as bloomingbuds has taken the fashion-ability of the earbuds and brought it to a new level. 


Bloomingbuds are seemingly ordinary earbuds, but if you look closely, there are tiny little pentagon-shaped indentations on each of them.  They don’t look like much, but there is a reason for these. 


You see, Bloomingbuds is called that because the product comes with blooms that can fit right on the ears.  There are two blooms including with each BloomingBuds earphones, and the buyer can pick up two bonus Blooms at the checkout counter.  So you could say that each pair of Bloomingbuds headphones come with four blooms. These blooms are small, round, and are designed to make whatever statement that you want to make. 


In fact, they come in all types from apples, to flowers, to dollar signs, to insects, to road signs, to music notes, to playing cards, to sports balls, to national flags, to all kinds of other symbols.  As you might have guessed, you’re probably looking at a lot of “cute” things here.  That, and something that might be better marketed for girls. 


The Blooming buds is definitely on the right track for something fashionable.  I mean, besides changing the color of the earbuds, what more can you really do with them, aesthetically speaking? 


Fortunately, the blooms can be made for any kind of statement.  For example, there was a limited edition Barack Obama headphones and blooms designed to commemorate the historic occasion.  I can’t help but wonder what other sort of blooms that they are prepared to make for future occasions. 


Maybe they should make some blooms for the summer movies coming out like Transformers 2.  Yeah, you could put the Autobot and Decepticon logos on blooms. 


I got a chance to try out the blooms, and I found that they snapped on pretty well.  However, I found the blooms would fall out if I messed with earbuds, they tended to snap off.  I’m not certain if they would fall off while you were walking, which is the most important thing.  In short, the blooms come off when they probably should, and don’t come off when they shouldn’t. 


The Blooming Buds have only just been released, and has a projected price of about $19.99.  You should be able to get about four buds for about $3.99. 


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    • profile image

      Chocolate milk comes from chocolate cows 8 years ago

      I think that is really cool. I want one. Way to go Blooming Buds! :)