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Blow Away Your Stress

Updated on November 11, 2006

Type of Work and Financial Stress

The availability of work in a specific area or locality determines the mobility of people whether to make a permanent residence while picking up the momentum to adjust with the job. In some instances when one has started working in the hospitality industry and find out that the salary is too low to meet financial responsibilities , the tendency is to extend the work hours but then later on the financial strain will show-up because the budget still doesn't meet the family needs. This may affect the personal relationship of the married couple that no matter how they work hard to make both ends meet sometimes they may feel that the end of the rope is coming. This is the time to face a very stressful situation as it used to be and the wife realized that it is there for a long, long time and life has been going on. How did she do to overcome when confronted with seemingly impossible to solve circumstances. Looking back ,how did she get over when the bank raised the rate of her credit line? What did she do when the bank said the financial income is no longer sufficient to pay the mortgage because the family income has changed? Think and find some solutions and try them, if it works,fine, if not, still feel fine, don't get stressed, take care of yourself and maintain the family's daily needs, don't miss to take a balance diet, this is very important. Don't add more stress to an already stressful situation. What I mean sickness sometimes is a escape from reality so don't add by saying, "I'm having a headache thinking what to do with my bills", don't blame others like "I shouldn't have listen to him or her, or yourself , it doesn't help at all, it will not change the situation or give a solution to the problem . The wife oversees all these things that the husband will wonder how the wife is managing all of these. It takes a huge determination to get through and the relationship within the family should always be there "intact "no matter what happens. As years passed the children who've grown up said to their Mom "It was hard Mom when my allowance going to school came from that Sunday night cleaning job we had, but I've got my diploma out of it." Another say "Thank you Mom for just be there when things get rough." "Don't say that to me alone but include your Dad who stood as the statue of fatherhood , bold and strong and it will stay that way.


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