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Book Review - Live an Eco-Friendly Life

Updated on August 16, 2008

One of the big reasons why we are frugal is because typically it is more environmentally friendly than not being frugal. Being frugal saves a lot of money usually and it really does go hand in hand with living green. I like to read and naturally gravitate towards books on finances and living green. So when I saw the book Live an Eco-Friendly Life (52 Brilliant Ideas) - Smart Ways to Get Green and Stay That Way by Natalia Marshall I grabbed it off the library shelf and started looking through it immediately. I checked it out and read it in an afternoon.

Live an Eco-Friendly Life is full of ideas for almost every aspect of life (and death!) - in fact there are 52 short chapters, each containing an idea to try. The book starts off with a short quiz to determine where you are at on the eco-friendly living scale. Then it jumps right in asking the reader to take a hard look at how they are currently living their lives. Marshall talks a bit about how too many choices and too many things are overwhelming and wants the reader to think about a time when they were truly happy. Chances are it wasn't when buying something or using the latest gadget on the market. The simple living movement comes to mind here.

One of the chapters that interested me most was Detox Your Home. I was surprised by some of the things mentioned in this chapter and plan on making some changes around my house based on this. This chapter is full of good information and ideas.

Marshall talks a lot about making good choices about where we shop, bank, eat, etc. as well as where we get our utilities from. I didn't realize we had a choice and I certainly didn't realize that we could even find out which utility companies were using eco-friendly practices. She gives a website ( though that will give you that information.

A term I had not heard before is precycling. If you cut down on the amount of items brought into your home

"by bringing your own packaging, buying in bulk, avoiding junk mail and disposables, extending the life of what you've got, and not buying what you don't need" p 52

then you are preventing waste before it happens. It can't get much easier than that.

The chapter on plants in the home and workplace prompted me to go out and buy a couple of more plants. Indoor plants help keep our air cleaner and lower our carbon footprint. There is also a section on natural first aid that I found very helpful. Live an Eco-Friendly Life talks a lot about gardening and composting as ways to help the environment. Growing your own food will eliminate a lot of precious fuels being used up from the transporting of food.

This wonderful book talks about the mantra "Reduce, reuse, recycle." Taking the time to be more aware of your everyday life and the things that you do automatically will probably awaken you to lots of ways that you can make simple changes to help the environment and the planet. Another thing you can do is find out what your carbon footprint is. This site even gives you ideas for changes you can make to lower your carbon footprint.

If you are serious about making some changes then this book, Live an Eco-Friendly Life would be very helpful in your endeavor. Marshall has presented ideas ranging from as simple as changing your light bulbs to as involved as going on an eco-friendly vacation in another country and everything in between. This book is definitely worth checking out of your library - which is of course more eco-friendly than buying it.


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    • JennHollowell profile image


      10 years ago from Richmond, Maine USA

      GREAT review!

    • Dottie1 profile image


      10 years ago from MA, USA

      Thanks Jennifer for the nice book review. My new mantra will be - reduce, reuse, recyle - :)


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