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Book Review: Crystal Lies ~ Melody Carlson

Updated on January 2, 2009

The book: Crystal Lies by Melody Carlson is amazing. Carlson has done it again!

As 19 year old Jacob is pulled into addiction of a deadly drug, Glennis fears the worst for her addict son...

Glennis Harmon lives a high-class life, one that most would dream of.. When her son Jacob starts into substance abuse Glennis puts her whole life on the line, her relationships with her husband and daughter, her money, her time and her focus. All attention is toward Jacob whether he likes it or not..

This book will hold your attention as it drags you through Jacob's wild experiences. If you want a bit of insite on what an addict goes through then give this a read.

I liked how Melody Carlson really gripps the concept of how life with an addict can be, she goes between how the mother feels and the son feels about how he is addicted.

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Other Melody Carlson books on teen problems would be books in the 'True Colors Series' and the book 'Lost Boys And Moms Who Love Them.'


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