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Boston Power's New Long-Lasting Sonata Laptop Battery

Updated on August 8, 2007

Boston Power recently introduced the world to Sonata, the first battery from their new proprietary lithium ion (lithion) technology platform, at DEMO 2007.

Sonata is the only battery available that will match the lifespan of your notebook computer! Sonata not only delivers a 50% faster recharge time, it helps solve one of today's biggest frustrations to laptop users: the battery fade problem.

Sonata's technology features a mix between performance and safety. Now there is less chance of explosion or fire because the new technology features slower chemical kinetics, new interrupt devices, new thermal fuses, unique pressure relief vents, and a safer configuration.

Due to the ground breaking new design for Sonata, this next generation lithium ion battery will get up to 80% of it's charge capacity in about 30 minutes. This is less than half the time required by standard batteries on the market today. Users will greatly appreciate this. If you have a short layover at the airport or a quick break in between meetings, you can recharge in no time and be ready to go again at nearly full capacity.

Laptop users truly get hooked on their mobility and frequently see a downgrade in battery capacity from their battery within the first four to six months of use. This can lead users to spend nearly as much on batteries over the life of the notebook as they paid for the notebook itself!

This will not happen with the Sonata. The lifespan of the Sonata is averaging 3 years, roughly the same as a notebook computer, and provides the same capacity as a new battery for its entire life span.

One of the best things about this product line is that it is designed to be used in existing notebooks. There are no design changes needed on the part of the notebook manufacturers; users simply replace their existing laptop batteries with the new Sonata batteries and go.

Hewlett Packard has been working with Boston Power to do extensive testing of this battery and has been very pleased with the results. The first notebook computers to use Sonata batteries are expected to ship this summer.

Boston Power has recently been awarded The Nordic Ecolabel for rechargeable lithium ion batteries. Independent testing has shown that the Sonata batteries help the environment by minimizing metal pollution by fulfilling the criteria for long life, high capacity, and smallest amounts of detrimental heavy metals (practically zero levels allowed).


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