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Box Cutter Killed Many

Updated on November 7, 2008

Box Cutter And Safety

The other day I was reading news about a teenager attempting suicide by cutting her wrist with a box cutter. I have a box cutter which I use for many different tasks, but never could I imagine such an use of a box cutter which is also aptly called utility knife. I don't know any house without a box cutter which is a very handy tool being used for various purposes.

Box cutters now a days comes in different shapes and sizes using different type of material from plastic to metal. As box cutter has been a utility knife, over decades many varieties of it has been developed to suite different utilities and also multi-utilities. Box cutters may be double-edged or single-edged depending upon the utility. Also, one can adjust the length of the knife in a box cutter depending upon use. For example, cutting paper tape requires small length than cutting an apple.

Box cutter also comes with changeable blades. Specialized box cutters are also available for cutting linoleum and other materials. As you see, these box cutters are very useful tool in homes, offices, factories, and for travelling. Using box cutters thousands of people injure themselves. Keeping this in mind, many manufacturers have designed and produced box cutters with utmost importance to safety. This omnipresent very useful tool can become a weapon when a person is danger to the society or himself. Box cutter should be viewed as a tool invented for helping not hurting humans.


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