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BrainPower is the New Corporate Asset

Updated on March 3, 2008

Let’s hope the government never finds a way to measure and tax brain power.

For most modern companies, brainpower has replaced manufacturing power, intellectual property is more valuable than physical plant and materials, and idea generation is the power behind differentiation.

How have you and your company changed how you work together, how you team up on a project, and how you attract and engage great employees? If intellectual property is a more valuable asset than plant and materials then teaching and encouraging employees to do both critical and creative thinking is essential to success.

If idea generation is the power behind differentiation and the follow-on of high performance marketing and sales, it is time for organizations to learn more about brainstorming, building an innovation culture in companies, valuing creative employees, organizing teams around the four diverse thinking styles, and protecting intellectual property. How many of those items on the list are you already doing? Your attorneys are, hopefully, dealing with the legal issues around intellectual property, but you first need some intellectual property to protect.

I would like to encourage a discussion around these topics and welcome comments, questions, and suggested links.

To get things started, here is a definition of brainstorming: Brainstorming is a method of forcing your brain (and others taking part in a group session) to think and express ideas so fast that the rest of your brain doesn’t have time to censor.

Many of the ideas so expressed will not reach fulfillment. Some will become a project or program and make lots of money for your company. Some will spawn more thinking and related ideas that will also be useful. Some ideas get put on a ‘back burner’ only to surface later at a better time. It takes large quantities of ideas to find a few quality ideas. All the ideas that surface, even the most farfetched, are part of the process of sifting and sorting to get to the winners. We need them all initially.


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