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Brave Sentry Exposed?

Updated on May 17, 2008

Brave Sentry Removal Made Simple and Fast

Brave Sentry is a class of spyware known as "rogue antispyware." Brave Sentry is installed on your computer through trojans and computer exploits. Simply put, Brave Sentry invades your computer without you even knowing it. Brave Sentry displays fake security alerts to trick you into buying their so called "antispyware software" when in fact they are spyware.

Brave Sentry symptoms include:

1. Icons that give you fake warnings about spyware being on your computer.

2. They will try to convince you to download and buy their full version of Brave Sentry to remove the "spyware" they detect on your computer.

3. When you click on the message box Brave Sentry will open their website and may try to install the full software program on your computer without your consent.

4. Your Internet Explorer default settings may be changed so you are redirected to their website at Brave

5. Brave Sentry may try to download other spyware onto your computer without your knowledge.

I don't recommend manually removing Brave Sentry because you will not be able to remove all the files associated with it. And if you remove the wrong files it may damage your computer.

Brave Sentry imbeds itself in your computer so well that many antispyware software can't remove it. If the experts can't remove it with their software and trained techs I don't recommend the average computer user attempt to remove it manually.

How to remove your Brave Sentry spyware infection...

I recommend getting a high quality legitimate antispyware software to remove your Brave Sentry infection. Here are the features I look for when rating antispyware software:

100% removal: Independent testing by leading sources like PC World magazine confirms that no antispyware software can remove all your spyware on the first scan. That's why it's important to choose antispyware software that provides you with a free custom update to remove all your spyware if it wasn't removed on the first scan. Make sure this service happens within a guaranteed amount of time. Do you really want to wait a week to get your spyware removed?

Simple to use: Antispyware software should be simple to use and automate common tasks like scanning and downloading updates. You should be able to set it and forget it.

Highly awarded: Antispyware software should display legitimate awards they've won from independent software rating organizations.

Better Business Bureau member: With so many antispyware scams on the internet (like Brave Sentry) I would only recommend buying from a company that belongs to the BBB. In order to be a BBB member a company must be in business for at least one year and satisfactorily resolve any customer complaints.

Cryptographic signature: Antispyware software should do a Full Scan of your entire computer using a cryptographic signature like md5 or crc32 to detect and remove spyware. This is important because it eliminates false positives and allows antispyware software to remove even the most difficult spyware infections like Brave Sentry.

Guard feature: Quality antispyware software will have an extensive guard system to prevent spyware from infecting your pc.

Spyware Database Updates: with new spyware being released constantly a good spyware remover should download new updates automatically at least once per day.

Real Customer Support: Tech support that speaks English and answers your questions within a few hours (not days).

The only antispyware software that I've found that meets all the above criteria is SpyZooka. SpyZooka is the only company that guarantees 100% spyware removal.

Brave Sentry Removal Tips


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