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Bring movement into your life

Updated on September 21, 2008

Move to keep fit


I am healthy. I am fit. I look good and feel good. I am energetic, happy and full of life. I don't think there is anyone who would not want the above statements to be true in their life. Yet when it comes to fitness we are bombarded with thousands of how-tos, websites, fitness equipments, pills, etc. that claim to do all of the above. I have been sucked into most of the above claimants unsuccessfully and finally only by educating myself about myself and my body could I bring health and fitness into my life. I would like to share with you how you could bring movement into your life so that you can lead a healthy and active life.

1. Start small: Baby steps, small changes but permanent changes in your life. If you have always been a couch potato and hardly moved then an hour at the gym will only tire you out and never motivate you to do more. So start small. You could start by walking. Walking is one of the safest exercise programs to start with. And walking outdoors early in the morning not only does good things to your body - it brings peace to your mind as well. Start with a 15 minute walk and gradually increase it slowly by 5 minutes every week.

2. Be regular: Add a movement to your life that will stay with you permanently. If your gym is 10 miles away from your home and you need to drive down every day - chances are you may give up for reasons like wasting time, fuel on traveling, etc. But if your gym is just next to your place of work and you can get there straight after work, join by all means. The bottom line is regularity. If you skip a day at the gym - walk home. I missed my walk yesterday. So while driving back from work, I just asked my husband to drop me off a km earlier from home and walked back! It is that simple.

3. Think healthy living - not weight loss: Think that you have started living well from today and you are going to continue with it. So if you walked even for 15 minutes be happy. If you start embarking on a weight loss program - It is very frustrating when you keep looking at the bathroom scales and when you see no progress then you feel like binging and lazing around. When I started on my healthy living program, I gave away my weighing machine. I did not look at it until other people started commenting on how I have been losing weight. Even then my weight remained the same - but I had lost inches!

4. Move for the right reasons: Exercise because it is good for your life, it is healthy and it brings happiness to you - not because you need to look good for your wedding day or your school friend's get-together. That could be a good start but losing weight for a specific occasion makes you frustrated if you don't do much in the beginning. When nothing happens and the d-day is too close you just give up and then out of frustration you tend to get back into your old lazy habits. You might even start binging and getting more depressed. So the best thing is to start living healthily instead of working towards a deadline.

5. Think movement ALL the time: Take the stairs instead of the lift, walk instead of driving, treat yourself to gifts like track suits, running shoes, a bicycle, etc. I keep a skipping rope, a couple of weights, an elastic band at places where I can see them and when I see it just do five minutes of movement with it. I have post-it slips in the bathroom reminding me to do my daily 30 wall push-ups. Play with your kids. My 5 year old daughter loves to prop on my feet when I lie down on my back and I do a push up with her on my feet - Great exercise for my stomach!! So find bits and spaces in your routine to fit in your exercises. It doesn't have to be a clear one -hour session. It could be twenty or thirty 5 minutes sessions and that is much easier than sparing a complete hour!

6. Any movement is an exercise: Even facial exercises. So at your desk you could do the lion mudra, (Tongue out eyes rolled upwards and breath out - till you can hold it) - Just make sure you don't scare anybody! LOL! A set of kegels are exercises. Even squeezing your palms together and relaxing them are exercises. Rolling your eyes right left up and down are exercises. Any activity that moves any muscle of the body is a movement. So get conscious about the body and start bringing movement into each and every part of the body and see and feel the difference within a month! If you don't see it others will - I guarantee...

7. Have fun - Life is not centered around exercises fitness and health - they have to be on auto pilot soon. Within a month of two - if you have selected the right kind of movements which suit your body metabolism and your lifestyle then it has to become a habit like brushing your teeth and when you associate these movements with fun then they don't become a chore. I take my daughter and her friends for a hike once every month to a nearby hill. It is a picnic for them and a good exercise for me on a Sunday morning when otherwise I would be sleeping in late!

8. Bring variety into your routine. Take a new route for a walk, walk up a hill, walk at different times of the day, and vary exercises, skip, cycle, and jog. Do yoga alternately. Then you reduce the boredom that slowly creeps in. Ask a friend to join you for a walk or hike. The net has thousands of sites offering you a variety of reducing and body toning exercises. Choose some of them and enjoy the variety. Don't let your body get into a plateau. It becomes easy once you are into it. Even if you are a hard core lazy person - If you bring changes slowly then you are sure to stick with it.

9. Eat healthy: Combine moving with a balanced diet consisting of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, lots of water and fluids and fibre to accelerate the weight loss progress. For more on simple tip to start healthy natural eating visit my hub at

Remember, you did not put on those additional kilos in a day so you won't lose it so soon either. The only healthy way in which you can lose weight permanently is eat wisely and move consistently. All other methods are temporary or unhealthy. Yes for tips to eat wisely - I have a hub coming up soon. Good luck with the movement till then!


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Nice one

    • April Fool profile imageAUTHOR

      Subbalakshmi Kumar 

      11 years ago from Pune, India

      Thanks Tulwave - I am proud of my arms just because of the bathroom movement ;) I am glad you liked the stuff.

    • tulwave profile image


      11 years ago from Orlando,Fl

      Great Advice. I like the wall push ups. If nobody is around, its perfect to do while your waiting on an elevator. Great outlook on life!


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