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Britney Spears Doesn't Need To Apologize To Me For Her VMA Performance

Updated on September 14, 2007

Does Britney Need To Apologize? I Don't Think So - Don't Get Me Started!

Okay, so much talk of Britney that I'm way over it but here are some final thoughts on the gal, the VMAs and the news that Us magazine reported to that Britney has been offered the opportunity to go on the Emmy award show, not to perform but apparently to apologize for her VMA performance. Does Britney need to apologize? I don't think so - Don't Get Me Started!

Haven't we all had enough on this topic all ready? So if we have, you may be wondering why I'm writing about it? Because I can't get over how long everyone has managed to keep this at the top of the gossip news, truly a dull week in celebrity news caused this phenomenon. I was shocked when there was a huge thing on the news even yesterday about the fact that Britney had airbrushed on a tan to give her abs the appearance of having their once legendary definition still in tact. First of all, a lot of celebrities employ make up (whether just on their face or on their body) to make themselves look, shall we say different from how they really do? So who is surprised by the fact that Britney had abs painted on? Unlike trying to shade in your cheekbones, the problem is that when you turn sideways in the choreography, there's no getting around the jutting out of the stomach so any sort of camouflage makeup techniques you may have been employing lose their magical powers. Let's face it, Britney wasn't fat as much as it was that she wasn't in the shape that we've seen her in during past appearances and that being the case, she should not have insisted on wearing the bikini. (She obviously has a lack of full length mirrors or people around her who will tell her the truth) But what really got me is that the news report stated that they had an "expert" review the tape of the performance and that they were able to confirm the ab shading. Okay, who the hell is this expert, how much were they paid and what type of CSI forensics testing did they do to come up with this conclusion? My bet would be "the expert" just re-wound his Tivo like the rest of us but the difference is he was paid to do it.

Next up are all the fervent Britney fans who are writing to comment on web pages as fast as their Cheeto stained fingers will type to defend "Brit" - everything from blaming the paparazzi to people claiming she's a working mother of two who no doubt is exhausted from her motherly duties. I don't know about either but I do know that while every performer has at least one, Britney's bad performance looked as if the real reason was the lack of rehearsal time she put into the number. If we are to believe the dancers who claim that Britney showed up late for rehearsal and wouldn't put down her frozen margarita for the entire rehearsal then I would have to say the paparazzi and motherhood defenses need to be thrown out at this point. But once again, do we really need all of this investigation regarding Britney's performance?

Britney's performance was bad, plain and simple but not so newsworthy that we should all should still be talking about it. As I said before, she just needs to go away for a while and come back once she's had some of the crazy medicated out of her. I know I may be the only gay man in the world to be able to say this but I don't own one of her CDs so it's really working no major hardship on me whether or not she ever comes back. I don't feel sorry for Britney (or any other celebrity for that matter) and perhaps as Simon Cowell offered, Britney was the big winner of the night. Cowell suggests that good or bad, Britney was THE performance of the night because of the fact that people were still pretty much only talking about that performance from the VMAs 48 hours later. (No matter how much Kanye West whined) So as this week comes to a close, I hope that we can all put this devastating performance behind us and move on with our own lives. And just in case anyone is asking... Does Britney need to apologize? I don't think so - Don't Get Me Started!

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    • Paulie profile image

      Paulie 10 years ago

      She doesn't look half bad for a woman who's had a couple of kids - if she were broke. Ditch the kids over to Kev. Go to rehab. Hire somebody to drag her fat a$$ outta bed and whip it into shape. Get some lipo for Christ' Sakes (she has the money). Do an Oprah and *hire* people to come into her house and to drag her outta bed and pull her down the stairs while the back of her head goes bump, bump, bump to her fabulous in-home, custom-built gym and throw her body over a stairmaster. She is reverting to her roots (and it ain't good) and what she was destined to be (except she had talent)- a fat, pimply-assed redneck living in a trailer with a bunch of squalling kids. She is getting grandma's hips. She needs to do something and do something now while she still has something to work with.

    • somelikeitscott profile image

      somelikeitscott 10 years ago from Las Vegas

      I have no idea what the deal is but I'm so tired of the whole thing and just wanted Britney (who no doubt reads my hubs and visits my website to know she doesn't need to apologize to all!

    • livelonger profile image

      Jason Menayan 10 years ago from San Francisco

      Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm reminded of Dimmesdale's famous quote from the Scarlet Letter: "Of penance there has been enough; of penitence there has been none" What is it with this Jimmy Swaggartesque wallowing confessional and tearful apology by celebrities whenever they do anything the media criticizes them over?