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Brothers And Sister And Sobbing The Season Finale

Updated on May 21, 2007

Brothers And Sisters (And Sobbing) Season Finale - Don't Get Me Started!

If you're someone like me who has a Tivo filled with programs and have not yet watched the season finale of the show Brothers And Sisters (Or God Forbid, don't care about this show, you know you should, right?), take this time right now to go read one of my blogs from my archives. For the rest of you, I don't know about you but I couldn't take it, it was a three or four hanky affair. Brother And Sisters (and sobbing) Season Finale - Don't Get Me Started!

Now as I've said before, I'm a crier. I don't care if it's Maury reuniting loved ones who haven't seen one another in years or a coffee commercial at Christmas, I just lose it. Thus the reason I can no longer watch Extreme Home Makeover, it dehydrates me. (Read that blog... I Detest Cheap Sentiment - Don't Get Me Started!) Again I say, if you don't know anything about Brothers And Sisters or haven't watched the finale stop reading cause I'm going into details.

Now I started watching this show from its first episode. Sure, I had read it had a gay character so of course that gave it a space on the Tivo automatically (sort of like my guy always talks about the show, "Julia" with Diahann Carrol - his relatives would call one another and say, "Look there's a colored woman on TV! And she isn't a maid!") We gays tend to get the same way about shows that have gay characters but I have to say that more than the whole "it's got a gay character" thing, I watched it for Sally Field. I know it's an old joke but "I like her, I mean, I really like her." I love her so much I find her damn Boniva ads interesting and have on more than one occasion wondered if I need it too (it's for bone loss in women) just because Sally Field is so damn convincing.

I have no delusions about this show. This is a nighttime Soap as Dallas and Dynasty were before it. It has so much damn drama that it took them having five kids and an illegitimate one just to spread all the drama legitimately and evenly among its characters. I have to say that the gay character is the floundering one that they don't seem to know what to do with so he lost his appeal early on to me. He's another one of those, "I'm gay and have hang ups so it's okay that I'm a whore but I'm a lawyer so that should make everything all better." Believe it or not, and I know this doesn't make for good drama but there are gays out there who are actually successful in their careers and have successful personal lives too. (Shocking, right?) What gets me about all of this is that you know the show's creative team is as gay as gay can be so wouldn't you think they would try a little harder to break through the stereotype; just a little? And now the big gay finale shockers (last chance to stop reading) Kevin makes out in the pantry with the senator's brother who he previously botched a date with while the help continues to cut the crudités for Kitty's engagement party. Not to be out done by this, we soon find out that the senator's brother is also a Methodist minister. And again, the conflicted Kevin (both in the character and the writing for the character) stumbles his way through a "You work downtown and I work downtown, maybe we could have lunch." But more than this gay lack of the edge of your seater (as the Kevin character has seen more action than Alicia Bridges sang about in the 70's - you know, "Action I got so much to give. I want to give it; I want to get some too...whoo ooh!") is the whole Brokeback Saul storyline, when Michael Nouri shows up (honestly haven't cared about him since 1983's Flashdance) proclaiming that he has divorced his wife and is gay. Telling Saul this we get in an instant that they shared more than friendship back in the day but just in case you've missed your phallic moment for the month, Nouri puts his hand on Saul's that just happens to be on the neck of a wine bottle. Come on gayers, you don't know how to write for the other gay characters (one of the reasons I think ol' Kevin has had a Pride Parade full of people in his bed since the start of the season), don't make another one. God love you writers, figure out what to do with the Kevin character and then you can have another gay one, okay? It's a little like, finish what's on your plate before you go in for seconds.

The one character who has come around both in his life and storyline is Justin. And as the youngest of the siblings (of Sally Field and Tom Skerritt - whom I've loved ever since he played Shirley MacLaine's husband in the ballet blockbuster, "The Turning Point") heads off on the escalator at the airport to report for duty in Iraq all I could think was, "Gee, I hope he takes a bullet early there so that he can come back for his rehabilitation." The show needs him too much to send him to Iraq now. You know, they can come up with something brilliant and never done before say, him being blinded and he has to come home all angry but at least we get him back in the show interacting with everyone. Just please dear God, don't do the whole "live from Iraq" Justin.

The rest of the characters manage to make their usual dialogue good enough to keep you interested and although there was no real cliff hanger here, the Walker clan ends up like we met them, dramatic but interesting. So no need to ask if I'll be watching again next year, I will be. I can only hope that they don't do what every other show seems to do which is on a week, off three. I've got a crazy idea, how about some producers and writers who know what's going to happen to the characters ahead of time so they give us a whole season uninterrupted? Am I the only one who remembers television seasons that coincided with the entire school year? (As I always say, another blog for another day) For those who read this and don't watch the show, I'm sure they'll be re-playing the whole season before it comes back on next year so catch up people, will you? Then you'll see what all the drama is about. Brother And Sisters (and sobbing) Season Finale - Don't Get Me Started!

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