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Bunny Care Guide: Presents For Bunnies

Updated on December 26, 2007

As bunny owners it is only natural that we sometimes want to spoil our pets. When holidays come up, or perhaps even your bunny's birthday comes around, what nicer way to celebrate than to get your bunny a present. After all, he or she is part of the family. The question then becomes, what should you get for your little bunny? Here are a few suggestions for things your bunny might like to receive, ranging from very cheap up to the more grandiose.


The wrapping itself makes a great present for many bunnies, especially the ones who shred anything you've left on the floor. Wrap the gift loosely with plenty of paper and put it in front of your bunny's nose. This is a great way for aggressive bunnies to get some of that angry energy out without dashing at your feet and ankles, and if you're really on a budget, the paper itself makes a great present. Just make sure that the rabbit only shreds it, and doesn't start eating it.

Cage Upgrade

If your rabbit spends a fair amount of time inside a cage, consider upgrading. This can be a DIY project, which is a great way to kill some time in the holidays. 90% of cages sold by pet stores are too small for a rabbit to use as much more than a bathroom and feeding place, so making your own cage is a good way to make your rabbit happier and healthier, and save yourself some cash in the process. Many people have made their own indoor rabbit cages by using snap together cube shelves.


Rabbits need to chew and love to chew. A few assorted wooden blocks to chew on will never go unappreciated by a bunny. There are several wood products shaped like various vegetables and colored with natural dyes. The bunny isn't likely to care much about this, but it does add a cute aesthetic to the gift giving process.

A Home

The best present you can get for a bunny is to give it a home. Every year, thousands of rabbits are abandoned by people who didn't really want a rabbit in the first place and have little to no idea of how to look after them. If you have room in your home and heart for another rabbit, consider giving a little fuzzy friend a new home. It may take some time to rehabilitate a rabbit that has been badly treated or handled very little, but the rewards are well worth it when that little fellow starts to come around and realize that humans aren't so bad after all.


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    • profile image


      10 years ago


      I've been reading your blogs and they are really helpful! I adopted a french lop called Oscar a week ago and he's settling into our home really well. He lives inside and over the last week has started to become a lovely little scamp who likes to cause trouble running about chewing on our clothes! He has to stay in his cage when we are at work as it's a rented house and he can't be left to chew it! His cage is huge and he has loads of toys and an extra leval so he should be fine, the only odd behaviour is that he hates any rug or soft thing i put in there! Maybe it's because i like to have something soft to sit on but i just can't understand that he would really choose a cold metal service to a nice soft one. I put some carpet in there the other day and he pulled that up as well and was sort of sneezing, could he be allergic? What do you suggest?


    • MrMarmalade profile image


      11 years ago from Sydney

      Now you're making me to want to chum up with a bunnie.

      Thank you for the privilege


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