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The Butterfly and the Beast

Updated on December 2, 2007

Sailing through the sky, spreading out her colourful wings leaving behind a magical trail, her exuberant aura mesmerised everyone else as she encapsulated beauty, freedom and life…this is the story of a butterfly.

She epitomized love, humanity and stood for what she believed in. Passionate about everything she was in love with life discovering new realms of imagination trying, understanding, observing, learning as she cherished living her life on her own terms. Mistakes were part & parcel of the game & she took pride in making those mistakes cos she atleast tried. It was her will to live and live truly without no fear, risking everything. Everyone’s yet no ones, she was a beautiful little butterfly.

He believed in money, power and the will to command. A self proclaimed king of his own universe, his voice thundered as he roared out to his fellow mates behind his deceptive garb. The worst form of an enemy, he will hit you where it hurts the most while an innocent sweet, smile lingered on his lips. He lived a good life yet the hard way, so being harsh was just a characteristic trait. Suave, charming and a man of few words, he was the beast.

A butterfly flutters around and that’s what makes it what it is...her sense of wellbeing is derived from the fact that she is never placid. Her sense of calm lies in the chaos, in the noise where she yet finds her peace. The beast looks for blood even when he is not hungry. He looks to kill to watch the blood drip till there is nothing left of it. His ego defines him, nothing less, nothing more, his word has to be the last word.

What happens when they both meet? Does love blossom or turn into a harsh reality? Can a beast turn humane or can a butterfly learn to live without her wings? Impossible in both cases, but they still try.

Futile, ridiculous & a failed attempt, butterflies were always meant to fly.

And as far as fairytales are concerned just a ‘beauty’ is perfect for the beast.


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    • MrMarmalade profile image

      MrMarmalade 10 years ago from Sydney

      Val is a butterfly lover.

      I have printed this out for her. Great hub