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Buying DVD Players for Home Theaters

Updated on January 31, 2011

If you are still watching your movies on a VHS player, there is a whole world of video that you are missing in DVD. The difference in quality between old VHS video and DVD video is simple too great to ignore. Even if you already own a DVD player, it may not be the best choice you could make for home theater use.

There are some very important features that you need from a DVD player. Be sure to understand all of the following, before you go to buy a DVD player for home theater use. If you have bought one already, you need to check the model and make sure it fulfills all that you need, or you might find you need to buy a new model soon.

Audio Requirements

First, you need to find the audio output connections of the DVD player and compare them to the speakers you will use in your home theater set up. If you have surround speakers, like "Dolby Digital" labeled speakers, the DVD player needs to have a multi channel audio output connection for compatibility.

If your speakers are for example 6.1 speakers, the DVD player should have connections for similar output. That is why it is sometimes better to buy a home theater audio system, where the DVD player comes with compatible surround speakers. Remember to also test the speakers for sound quality, if you buy one of those packages.

Video Requirements

There are many different video connections still in use and you will need to make sure the DVD player has an output connection of the same type that the input connection of your television set or home theater projector (whichever you use) is. Otherwise they are naturally incompatible.

Video connections used often include composite video connections, s-video and component video connectors. Of these component video or s-video connections are recommended, because they have a better picture quality. Composite video connection is older technology, and not of high enough quality for serious home theater use.

Buying the DVD Player

Remember that a DVD player is often the most important part in a home theater system, being responsible for both audio and video connections. Consider your options carefully, and always make sure the parts of your system are compatible with every other part. If you are unsure about buying a DVD player for home theater use, buy a home theater package where the DVD player comes with speakers, so there is one compatibility issue less to worry about.


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