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CNN Poll Shows Gays Can't Change Their Orientation

Updated on June 27, 2007

CNN Poll Says Gays Can't Change Orientation. Whew, I Feel Better - Don't Get Me Started!

In a CNN poll that was released yesterday, for the first time in CNN poll world the majority polled believe that gays can't change their fuchsia stripes. That's right, people are finally catching on that we gays, I don't know...well...GAY! (Shhh, don't tell Anne Heche - they can have her, we don't want her anyway) I have to say that most of us should be delighted to find out that people (straight ones) are finally coming around to what those of us who are gay have known all along. However, if you look at the poll a little closer you'll discover that it's not time to break out the Cristal just yet. CNN poll says gays can't change orientation. Whew, I feel better - Don't Get Me Started!

I get it, we're supposed to be all fired up and excited any time that a poll or study comes out that says that there are more people out in the world who are accepting of us and I'm not negating the fact that it is nice to know that people's tolerance (and I mean their ability to "put up with") us gays is getting better. But it's still a little like cancer, have pity for anyone else's family who has it but hope you don't get it in yours. (Which at this point is nearly impossible on both fronts - gays and cancer)

The thing is that the poll was taken on a Friday through Sunday by telephone. Now we know that most of the people they interviewed had to be straight because the boys are out on Friday and Saturday night and on Sunday all the old queens go antiquing. (Stop cringing, they're only stereotypes, kids)

Let's go to the tote board (without Ed McMahon or a "timpani") 56% said they do not feel that gays can change their orientation (up from 45% in 2001 and 36% in 1998). 79% said we should be allowed to go into the military and the marriage battle wages on with 43% not supporting gay's rights to marriage, 24% support the gays getting married (as long as they plan it, of course) and 27% support civil unions.

Yes, we have a lot to be thankful for and we are definitely making strides. I think all of this is encouraging and something to take great Pride in. I also think that some of it is just really funny. While it's great that the public is getting educated that you can't be gay, go into rehab and come out free of the gay, meth, massage therapist/hooker and go back to the pulpit...well, not immediately anyway (Read that blog here...Gays Can Be Happy Again Now That Haggard Is Not! ) they still really aren't all that excited about having us at their country clubs or swimming in their pools (social or public). Frankly, I think that we've benefited because some have just thrown their hands up in exasperation going, "What are you going to do with these gays? Ach, let them be gay all ready, I'm too tired to fight it any more and they do my hair so nice." We've either worn them down or they became hooked on Will and Grace now that it's on Lifetime (television for women and gays) and have decided we're fun to laugh with as well as at. As my grandmother used to say in the 70's, "You know those gays, they're everywhere." And we are.

Let's face it, not too many people are all that excited or supportive about the war so I think it's a little hard to determine if people don't care about gays in the military or just feel as though whoever signs up at this point as long as it's not them, God bless.

I think the marriage question is going to be a deal breaker for a long time to come but mostly because of the word, "marriage" as traditionalists cling to tradition better than a...a...Fiddler On The Roof ("sounds crazy, no?"). I hate the whole "civil unions" title as it sounds like a business partnership that while very civil doesn't have a lot of sex involved in it (ooh, sounds like a lot of my straight married friends).

The point is that most people are finding out that the gays aren't quite as scary as they originally thought and that's a really good thing. It's good that they're doing these polls, it's good that we're coming out on top for a change and it will be interesting to see where things go from here. CNN poll says gays can't change orientation. Whew, I feel better - Don't Get Me Started!

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