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California Voters May Still Get To Ban Gay Marriage – Don’t Get Me Started!

Updated on June 6, 2008

We gays are pretty used to it, there's a small victory and then almost seconds later there's someone somewhere trying to take whatever gain we've made and take it from us and then some. It's a lot like the old Paula Abdul classic, "Two steps forward, three steps back. We come together ‘cause opposites attract." That's right, for some reason, we gays absolutely attract the ire and disgust of many of our "opposites" who constantly try to not only take marriage away from us but try to shove us back into the closet (most likely next to a t-shirt that says, "Disco Sucks"). So forgive me for not being surprised that California voters may still get to ban gay marriage - Don't Get Me Started!

Today the "opposition" (for lack of a better term) compiled enough signatures to get the gay marriage ban on the ballot for voters. So here we go again, time for the same sex marriage to go in front of voters and although Helen gets her hair done by a gay, when it comes time to go into that little booth, they're bound to vote to keep the sanctity of an institution they have little respect for other than to say they're married. In short, I think we could be screwed...again.

The thing about this is that in a weak move by us gays, there were all of these blogs and articles today about how gay marriage will boost the economy. What a weak argument. Do we gays really think that people who are disgusted by the thought of us sharing the word "marriage" (and a bed) are going to suddenly turn their thought process around because we're going to help the cake topper industry? They certainly didn't love us when we went into all of the most run down areas in every city, cleaned them up and created higher property values that everyone profited from so what makes us think that they're going to get all excited that we're going to help Crate and Barrel have less of a loss next quarter? It just feels like another weak attempt by us trying to get people to like us. It's not about getting liked, it's about getting what we deserve. (to see my video blog on this topic, click here... )

And while we gays are so busy trying to get people to like us, let's think about this whole election thing we're dealing with at the moment. Are we really looking toward the Democratic candidates to give us anything besides an arm's length hug when we donate to their campaigns? They've all ready told us they don't want us to have the word "marriage" but I guess we're supposed to get all light headed because they think they might possibly be able to give us a civil union or something that their big campaign contributors won't find too offensive. What about how offended us gays should be the way they use us like a drunken frat boy who wants his dick sucked so goes to bed with us then closes his eyes and tells himself it never happened? Why should we be sucking up (and giving money) to these candidates who won't do anymore than let us do their hair and design their inaugural event when all is said and done?

Angry? Angry doesn't even begin to describe it. Go ahead, give children back to cults who will marry underage girls to dirty old white men but don't let gays adopt kids, they may love them and help them to grow up with self-esteem and a sense of responsibility toward their fellow man instead of putting them in bonnets on farms breeding them like puppy mills. Go ahead, make us think we're actually going to be treated as equals and then take that away from us too. And please, by all means make us pay more taxes (and get less for it) because we're not on welfare popping out kids faster than a politician can tap his foot in a public restroom stall. Oh we're the ones taking down civilization, right? Excuse me, aren't we the ones who gave civilization civility by creating the arts, literature and more? Enough you say? You bet, I say. I'm done waiting for someone to legitimize me or make me feel good about myself (I stopped that after the twelfth grade). Sorry conservatives and more...I refuse to allow you to make me feel badly about myself and more to the point, I don't need you to like me or love me, that's what I have a family and friends for and guess what? In spite of everything, I still believe people are really good at heart. (Just not so much in politics) California voters may still get to ban gay marriage - Don't Get Me Started!

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Please, sign the Million For Marriage petition below, and be a part of this historic civil rights battle. Gay, straight, married, single...we need everyone who believes in marriage equality to stand up NOW-before it's too late!

Our new goal: 1.1 million signatures.


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