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Updated on January 20, 2008

Calcutta walks I

 White Ladlaw building
White Ladlaw building
Wesleyan Church's entrance
Wesleyan Church's entrance
Age-old hand-drawn rickshaw
Age-old hand-drawn rickshaw
Ochterlony Monument
Ochterlony Monument

Let us discover our Calcutta this winter !

'Calcuttawalks' is a new concept in Calcutta.

I read about a young engineer of Bangalore giving up his career to start bangalorewalks !I searched for his website and found it quite interesting. i learnt that this man is an engineer from IIT and a MBA and was working in a profitable company before he set up this outfit .He takes people along MG Road on foot and recount to them 'stories' from the bygone days which are associated the 'heritage' buildings and sites along MG Road in Bangalore. His name has spread and so his coverage. He now takes groups to Humpi too!

Then I hit upon this book by Prosenjit Dasgupta .... 'Ten Walks of Calcutta'.He has identified 10 areas, 3.5 km in lengh on an average and wrote the stories of the heritage buildings around and along these paths 3.5km long.

I also made friend with a young Calcuttan who has started a set-up called Calcuttawalks. I joined him on two ocassions ( Sunday monings) which were very interesting excercises. I also undertook a walk or two with my another friend who is very passionate about 'discovering' the old buildings of Calcutta with histories behind them.

Come friends, let us discover our city this winter ! And , please do not forget your cameras , tripods and notebooks.


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    • profile image

      Iftekhar Ahsan 9 years ago

      Its quite intriguing sir that you've talked about all over and have not come on even one of our ready walks.

      I take this opportunity to invite you to join one of our regular walks, in Dalhousie, Sovabazar or Kumarttulli....and if you join us after a couple of months then you will have the options of Chowringhee, PArk Street as well as smthing special called a Confluence of Cultures, where we trace the various communities that called Calcutta home.

      See you soon. Warm regards.

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