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Cat enclosures: the best gift for cats

Updated on January 18, 2009

How to make your cat extra happy with a cat enclosure


Cats are inquisitive creatures that will do what it takes to explore every corner of their environment. Even the most couch potato cat will show vivid interest to the outdoor world if a door is left slightly ajar or a curtain is left slightly aside unveiling a yard full of chirping birds and hovering butterflies.

In a cat's eyes such outdoor world appears like a place of great sensory stimulation. They would love to sniff the grass, roll in the sand, attempt to catch that leaf blown by the wind or simply enjoy a nap in the sun. If a cat could talk he/she would tell owners how grateful he/she would be if let out in that magnificent place. They would as well communicate their resentment towards that glass window or door keeping them from that outdoor haven. 

As much as owners love their feline friends, most owners will not allow their cat to experience the outdoors for their cat's safety sake. They fear their cat will be eating those poisonous lillies their neighbor lovingly caters to  if their cat will eventally make it to the highly busy street risking to be run over. Such concerns are not unfounded, it is estimated that outdoor cats live short life spans because of their exposure to peril. The average life span of outdoor cats is estimating to being not more than 5 years old.

However, there is a solution that may provide cats and owners a place to meet in between. Cats will be able to enjoy all the great amenities the outdoor world offers while owners may relax knowing their cat is safely contained but happy. The solution to this problem is called a cat enclosure.

For those not familiar with cat enclosures, they consist of small or large spaces offering cats great views of the outdoors while keeping the safely contained. There are a variety of enclosure types to match the cat's and owners needs. From simple window extensions for small apartments to large, spacious runs.

Enclosures may be custom built to allow the liberty of deciding how much space and what type of materials to be used. In some cases, owners may even build their own. The most important questions to ask upon considering a cat enclosure are: is the cat enclosure escape proof? How durable is the material? Is it closed by all sides? Can it be custom built? Is it sturdy enough? Is it maintenance free?

A cat enclosure will surely keep cats entertained, exercised and happy. Cats tend to get cabin fever too, a cat enclosure is surely the answer to a happier and healthier cat. Your cat will certainly thank you!

Does your cat suffer from cabin fever?


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