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Chaco Sandals Review

Updated on November 4, 2008

I have owned Keens and I can tell from experience.

Sharing what I know has always been a part of my personality. So today, I thought, if someone had told me that Keens are not as good as Chacos and convinced me, I would have saved $100. I would like to state that I do not work for chaco. I plan to spend about 10 minutes writing this and then get on to other things.

I got some Keens and they fell apart. I got them because of the toe protection. They are the ones with bicycle clips. REI is where we got em. After a short time, they fell apart. They were not true to size, meaning the are always loose on my foot. The toes would usually get sweaty because of the rubber front.

My first pair of Chaco sandals were bought when they first came out. I wore them for about 4 years constantly. In those days they made them even better than they do today. But even now, the chaco sandal, I mean especially the Z/1 or Z/2 is really the best thing on the market that I have found for keeping the feet cozy and healthy.

Now wheather to get the Z/1 or Z/2 is another thing. The Z/1 is nice especially if you like to wear your sandals with socks. Since the beginning, I have always worn Z/2, with the big toe strap. But I find lately that I don't use it so much. With socks, it is hard to get your toe into it. Also, If you want to get your sandals on in a hurry, the Chaco Z/1 is better.

But, Z/2 is nice because it offers you that extra support. The glove like feeling that you get with the Z/2 is something you will miss in the Z/1.

But either Z/1 or Z/2 you will be getting a great sandal. When they first came out, the price was $100 and I thought that was a fair price. Today, since they are "lighter" which translates into "cheaper" the price should be closer to $50 for them to be considered a "good deal". Whearas the originals would last for years, the newer rendition, although looking the same, has a shorter lifespan.

Thanks for reading this. Please feel free to leave your comments, and sign up for making hubpages yourself. If you do, you may earn yourself enough to buy another pair of chaco sandals!

There's nothing better than Chaco sandals that I've found yet.

Chaco Z/2 (type with toe strap for extra support)
Chaco Z/2 (type with toe strap for extra support)
Chaco Z/1
Chaco Z/1

which chaco sandal is the best in your opinion?

Do you prefer chaco Z/1 or Z/2 sandals?

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    • profile image

      Wally y 5 years ago

      Get z/2s you can just tighten the toe strap so it's flat if you want to wear socks with them, it doesn't feel any different and you can always adjust them back

    • profile image

      Fr 5 years ago

      The Chaco sandals are ok, but if there is a defect, the costumer service is very bad. The company does not take responsibility for its failure. I have three Chaco sandals. My first two sandals were US made. Any how, dealing with customer service was certainly not a good experience.

    • profile image

      run 4 fun 6 years ago

      I have had my chaco sandals for 5 years now, and I wear them when I go camping, hiking, or play Frisbee golf, anything sporty. Oh, except I have running shoes, soccer cleats, and hiking boots. What I'm saying is, that even though I've had them for several years, I don't wear them often enough to keep them 'broken in' and I end up with the most amazing blisters from them. After this last weekend camping in the rain, words can't express how much I hate them. I am tired of trying to break them in each summer, and of wrestling with those straps trying to find a sweet spot. Mine are currently in the trash and I'm shopping for something more comfortable. They were about dead anyway. I'm thinking Teva (which I've had before) or Keen.

    • profile image

      catherine carroll 6 years ago

      I like the Chaco sandal but can't seem to figure the adjusting - usually to tight --I have the the double strapped ones....