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Challenges facing President-elect Barack Hussein Obama?

Updated on July 15, 2010
US President-elect Barack Hussein Obama
US President-elect Barack Hussein Obama
High hopes associated with Barack Hussein Obama
High hopes associated with Barack Hussein Obama

Barack Obama and challenges

He has earned the distinction of being the only African-American President in the history of the United States. He has many dreams to fulfill, while people worldover have associated several of their dreams with him. Will Barack Hussein Obama live up to the expectations of the US public as well as the people around the globe?

US President-elect Barack Obama will take over from where President Bush will leave the White House. Though there is still some time for Obama before the burden of the entire world falls on his shoulders, yet the responsibility of catering to the service of the world is too heavy to be shared alone. However, the interrugnum is for Obama to think seriously and devise a plan to tackle the wrath of the world made angry by the Bush administration.

As if the whole world was waiting for Obama to don the mantle of presidency in the United States, it now has high hopes pinned on the new US President, who has already made his mark as being the first Black to be the US President, and his Muslim background, too, has something to say about the hopes that Muslims around the world will have on him. However, Al-Qaeda has already declared the war against him with its racial slur, dubbing him as an African slave; however, the new US President will have to look at other reasons to wage a war against world's top terrorist outift. He has the option of continuing the war on terror, started by President Bush to eliminate terrorism from the face of the earth. But, the war has brought many setbacks for the US President, who depsite facing criticism from worldover continues to fight the war, adding to his kitty of aides. What to talk of ending the war, the US President has taken the war to Pakistan, frontline US ally in the war on terror. Now, with the long-lasting war still continuing, what will Obama do? Will he take over this legacy of President Bush?The US economy is already overburdened. The economic recession that started from the United States has spread to almost the entire world. The US is struggling, what to say about other nations.

Obama has to bring the country out of this economic crisis, but what about the war, which is eating up the US resources? The burden of the war is too much for the receding economy. But then, the war cannot be just stopped for this reason and so suddenly. It too needs time and a proper strategy.

Then, Obama has already given his approval for the closure of Guantanamo Bay detention centre. In his manifesto, he declared that the troops would be pulled out of Iraq in 16 months -- a sigh of relief for the families of the soldiers fighting the war for several years. Here, I must say that, according to me, US-led NATO forces have brought some peace to the country that was facing daily bombardment from the rebel forces. However, when we talk about the casualties, both of Iraqis as well as foreign forces, it is quite disheartening.

The process of troop pullout from Iraq will mean more troops will be sent to Afghanistan. Isn't it?

The Isreal-Palestine conflict will continue to surround Obama or for that matter any US President unless solved. But, seeking a solution for this conflict dragging for years is a misnomer. As the Palestinians yearned for a change in the US Administration, Obama's election must have given them some hopes; however, it was not too late when their hopes were dashed to the ground when Rahm Emanuel, who is pro-Isreal, was nominated as Obama’s chief of staff. The Palestinians opine that with his appointment as the US chief of staff, their hopes of a “more balanced, more objective, more realistic advice" to the US President, which would have changed the course of action from the disastrous Palestine-Israel policies of the Bush and Clinton administrations.

Obama's vision of eliminating all nuclear weapons across the globe might have its bearing on Iran, which has been trying to amass nuclear weapons for a long time and therefore, has invited the wrath of President Bush. So, what will Obama's policy on Iran will be a matter of interest to all of us.

Then, Obama will do the world some good if he sticks to his policy of proposing green living. But is it that easy for Obama or for that matter the United States? But the superpower has to lead the world by example if it wants the earth to be a haven for all.

The path ahead of President-elect Barack Obama is full of thorns. But the way Obama chooses to tread while being wary of the throns will determine the astuteness of Barack Huseein Obama. Isn't it? Let us wait for the future.


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