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Change Your Life With Nintendo DS Lite Skins

Updated on February 28, 2008

The DS Lite is the prettier cousin of the Nintendo DS, but pretty as it may be, some of us like to personalize our DS Lites a little more than simply buying them in Black, White, Pink, or whatever color we may have chosen at the time of purchase. The solution to the personalization problem is of course, buying skins.

Skins are adhesive prints which you stick to your DS Lite, instantly transforming it from a run of the mill piece of technology into a personalized fashion accessory.

(Mind you, if you only have a DS Lite because it's a fashion accessory, leave your name and address at the bottom of this article and I'll pop along and reclaim it and give it to someone who appreciates it for the beautiful gaming masterpiece it is.) offers some pretty sexy skins, and with over 260 skins in the range, there is probably something that is going to take your fancy. The really cool thing about this site is that they actually let you download the template so that you can make your own themed decals. Now that's real personalization.

Skins are relatively cheap, running about 10 bucks a pop, and they actually do have some function other than just looking pretty, and that is saving your console from getting scratched up. Obviously the whole point of hand held consoles is portability, however with portability comes dropability. The DS Lite is immensely droppable, and whilst a skin won't protect it if you toss it out a 10th story window, it will help it repel scratches that marr many DS Lite surfaces (especially on black models). In addition to scratches, fingerprints also become less of an issue, which means that you look good, and get to spend more time playing your console rather than buffing fingerprints off it like some neurotic housewife.

If you happen to have been suckered into a franchise like Zelda or Final Fantasy, (don't feel bad, they've caught us all at some stage. The world can now be split into two types of people. Those who want to ride a chocobo, and those who don't know what one is. One day, those who do know will ride amok, scattering the unwary peasants before them, and dubbing them NPCs for life. Now how's THAT for having a dream, Martin Luther King Jr?), you can even get skins to match your obsession.

So why not pimp yo DS? It's a cheap and effective way to feed your gaming addiction, and I think we all agree that there's nothing more life affirming than that.


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      Kaitlyn 7 years ago

      where on the page can you download the template?