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Cheating Signs

Updated on September 23, 2008

Has The Romance Gone?

Leaving one romance and hopping into a new one, or having simultaneous affairs doesn’t leave time for assessing whatever went wrong in the first case. There is probably something wrong with the relationship before an affair begins. This does not mean that the relationship has completely broken down or anything like that but that something is not quite right.

Maybe the romance has gone cool, it could be that one partner has reduced desires in bed. Often men do not realise that when they met their partner, she was probably living at home, free to come and go, more than likely got looked after by her parents and so had more time for him.

Once married however, the task of keeping house, cooking meals, cleaning, shopping etc. puts a lot more stress and strain on a wife – it is hard work! If you add to that raising a family, is it any wonder that she is not quite ready to play the part of a lively, carefree lover? Very often these days both partners are forced to go out to work in order to make ends meet. So the wife is, in reality, holding down at least 3 jobs and at the end of the day wants no more than to get a good nights sleep.

So it is easy for the man to see things as having changed, they have! His good time girl has now become his housekeeper, cook, cleaner and ‘mother’ to name a few. In true partnerships all of the work would be shared by both. A man is quite capable of putting the washing in the machine, of helping his partner do the dishes and it is not beneath his dignity to vacuum the house occasionally.

So, it is quite possible that one partner feels cheated. The husband may feel that his wife no longer feels the same about him and starts looking elsewhere for excitement and comfort. The wife may feel that the husband doesn’t care for her any more when, in actual fact, a few words of endearment, a kiss, cuddle and a little help could make all the difference in the world.

Look for The Cheating Signs In Your Relationship

Intuition is a very powerful resource that women have and can use when considering the cheating signs being displayed by their partners. Something in the region of 80%+ of women who thought that their partners were cheating were correct, whereas men only have a 50/50 chance of being right.

Some of the signs that your partner may be 'playing away' are: Avoiding being heard when answering the phone, having unusual meetings/conferences out of town or after work, seems to be more interested than usual in your plans or schedule, is suddenly more conscious of his/her appearance and many more.

Beware of jumping to conclusions too quickly however, since there may be completely valid reasons for changes. The cheating signs may not be cheating signs at all.


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      melissa 3 years ago

      my bf told his kids mother he doesnt have a girlfriend but he does and im it i picked up his phone and his kids mother was on the other end what should i do