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Choosing The Right Dog: Pugs

Updated on February 5, 2009

The Pug

The pug is a robust little dog, he weighs in at up to 8 kg ( 17.5 lb) and is packed very tightly into a small, sturdy and compact little frame. He has a smooth and glossy coat which comes most commonly in a fawn, light brown colour, though he can come in black or silver.  He traditionally has a black mask over his face, and beautiful wide endearing eyes. He carries his tail in a curled role upon his back, giving him the appearence of both pride and eagerness. His always appears alert and perky.

He is suprisingly a fast mover, and tends to make people smile when they see him. His occasional stern expression belies his sense of fun . He is a good natured, sociable friendly family dog.  


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Temperament / Personality

Pugs are often seen as little comedians of the dog world. They are particularly  sensitive to the tone of the human voice, so it may off nerve him of he recieves a severe telling off.

They are gentle creatures who will suit a family with young children, the pug is a game little dog with a huge sense of fun and excitement. 

 Pugs usually get along well with dogs and other pets, though they do generally tend to prefer the company of human beings and appear to require a lot of human attention. This isn't a dog that is easy to ignore, he will follow you at your heels, and wish to be your constant companion. 

Indeed they may even become slightly anxious if their owner ignores them or does not play with them enough. They are very attentive and loving dogs, alwayswith their owner, a true 'man's best friend'. 


Traditional Pug

His stern expression hides his real sense of fun and excitement.
His stern expression hides his real sense of fun and excitement.

Health Matters

The pug has a short nose which sometimes can cause him problems, especially in hot weather which restricts his breathing. Though most breeders to tend to breed for wide nostrils, which will enable him to exercise freely.

He also lacks proper brow ridges, which would protect his eyes, thus they are susceptible to eye injuries such as puncture wounds and scratched corneas. Special attention must also be payed to the creases and wrinkles in his face, these require cleaning and care to ensure the dog remains healthy and happy.

There can be some complications during birth with Pugs, meaning a caesarian section may be required for successfull birth, and some Pug mothers can appear disinterested in the puppies. Experts are required to breed from such small dogs, like the pug with known complications.

Pugs who live a very relaxed lifestyle may be prone to obesity. However regular exercise and a correct diet will ensure this doesn't happen. Consult your vet for information on helping your dog to loose weight.

A Black Pug


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    • profile image

      Contemporary Htls 6 years ago

      I have a black pug and a cattle dog.... the pug must be the fittest pug around given he can keep up with my cattle dog!

    • websclubs profile image

      websclubs 7 years ago

      Small dogs need exercise and a correct diet, care to ensure your dog remains healthy and happy gentle creatures.

      Very informative detailed hub, Thanks.