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Confessions Of The Project Runway Ultimate Fan Blogger

Updated on November 14, 2007

‘Twas The Night Before Project Runway... - Don't Get Me Started!

‘Twas the night before Project Runway and all through my head was the thought that again I hoped my blogs would be read. To the Bravo website then the Internet I dashed to make certain I was ready for the season four task.

Life of the Ultimate Fan Blogger for Project Runway isn't as glamorous or as easy as it may seam (only pun in the blog, I promise). You see, last year to become the Ultimate Fan Blogger I submitted some blogs and then by the grace of a bunch of people clicking for my entry, I was chosen as the blogger. It's true that I've watched every single episode of every season of Project Runway. Not because I loved (or really knew who Heidi Klum was) but because the show sounded interesting to me and it was love at first sight.

But here's the deal. I don't really consider myself the "ultimate fan" and mostly because as I was blogging last year I was amazed at the depth of information that the truly obsessed fans for the show had when they commented on my blog. Okay, wait a minute, let's be honest, most of the "comments" to my blog were like many comments left on websites, not so much having to do with anything I wrote but a forum for people to write their own opinions (or show how much more they knew about Runway than me). Frankly I was amazed at how passionate people got about this television show. It's true that I like a good competition reality show too but some of these people just went crazy.

I admit that last season was an upset. I didn't want Jeffrey to win (and still don't feel that he deserved to win). Although I loved Laura, I have to admit that Uli should have won the show last season from what was shown in "the tents." But I was just amazed at the people who vowed they'd never watch the show again or that it was fixed or something. People wrote about how disappointed and betrayed they felt by the show. Come on people, it's a television show, right? Remember? (Obviously some don't)

Here's a look inside of how I write the blogs and some stuff that you may not know. First, I watch the show the same time all of you watch the show. (Much to my dismay, I don't get advance copies of the episodes) As I'm watching the show I'm taking pages and pages of notes. When I watch at home, I usually Tivo it so that I can go back and get quotes exactly right or watch a moment again. (Too often I'm on the road for business and at the mercy of friends who let me come into their home, commandeer their television and tell them to "shut it" so that I can catch everything as it's happening.) Commercials are essential for rewriting illegible notes and coming up with a "theme" or style for the blog for that week. When the episode is over, it's straight to the computer I dash to start writing. At first I just write the blog the way I'm feeling about it having just seen it, then it's all the re-reading and editing that comes next. Bravo put one stipulation on the blogs, that they not exceed 500 words so I decided right away that instead of just recapping the episode I needed to share a viewpoint or focus on certain highlighted moments in the show in order to make the blog interesting. Let's face it; if you're reading the blog, you've most likely watched the show so you don't need me to tell you what happened. I send it off to my editor at Bravo and then once again, I see it when all of you see it. Sometimes it's edited by my editor (and sometimes I've found some stuff in there that to be honest I never even wrote) but for the most part, my editor makes the blogs better when he makes changes.

Once the blog is posted I admit it, I read the comments. I don't read every single comment but I like to get a sense of what the other people who are watching are feeling about the show. (Usually I agree with the other viewers) While I don't let the comments change how I write my blogs, it's just good to read how close I've come to expressing what the rest of the Project Runway fans are feeling.

And so tonight is the first episode of season four of Project Runway and there are many blogs to write. I'm hoping you'll all read along on Some Like It Scott ( ) or . Last night I was watching television and feeling a little nervous about starting the blogs for Runway again and then the Gods of fashion sent me a sign. I was flipping channels when all of a sudden I saw him, Santino from season two was on some show and I knew in an instant I was ready for the challenge ahead. So as Tim Gunn says, "Carry On."

Read More Scott @


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    • somelikeitscott profile image

      somelikeitscott 7 years ago from Las Vegas

      Rosa, I know how you feel. I wanted Mondo all the way too!

    • profile image

      Rosa-Oklahoma 7 years ago

      am so upset! Gretchen was a bitch, was on the botttom the whole second half of the season. She acted as if she was superior to everyone. I think her mother sewed some things while she was at home. She is not a designer. Mondo should have won this hands down. Heidi and of all people Jessica Simpson knows it. Mondo's fashions may not have fit in the very limited Maria Clare magazine but Mondo's clothes have heart. The comment about his looking like teenager, I disagree, but sooooo what if they did. My grandaughter is 13 and I pay huge bucks because she like Abercrombie. The colors he puts together, as a 60 year old woman, I am telling you,he gave me some great ideas. I don't know that I could ever it through another project runway, I just feel sick this morning of how that all turned out.