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What do we teach our children?

Updated on September 13, 2008

Growing up in the eighties,I just like every generation was always told how much better it was in the good ole' days. Its seems that the generation before every generation was much better time to live in. We usually just blow this off. People are set in there ways, People think the way they came up is always the best way. Well, if you stop and think about it there is allot of truth to this. I don't mean that it was better because you could buy your groceries ten times cheaper, we all know how inflation works (except the oil companies)

police corruption
police corruption

North Carolinia (my state)

Now I'm not saying that this is the worst time to live in, nor am I saying its the best. What I am saying is that there is certainly a negative pattern developing from our actions. I live in North Carolina and in this state 56.3% of our population is in prison, on parole, or on probation. That's 1 out of every 2 people. I find this hard to believe since I see so much crime going on every day, with the police turning a blind eye to it. I have literally watched drug deals go down within 100 feet of where a sheriff deputy was setting clocking cars (might I add that we have traffic cops for this). To make matters worse, I watch this standing on my front deck where I live with a wife and two kids. So everyone has a clear picture, this is a used car lot with one car that has set there for at-least the six months that I have lived here, yet this place has customers like a convenience store.

I almost didn't write all of that for the simple fact that it sounds exaggerated, but I assure you that its not. Those of us unfortunate enough to not live in a nice neighborhood can surely see the same thing.

police corruption

I gave you the stats on North Carolina's prison rate, what I was not able to find was how many of these were drug related. I am not hesitant at all to tell you that it is probably well over 60%.

Now let me explain why this is. If the shop across the road from my house was busted and put out of business than all those cars wouldn't be riding around with drugs in there car. If you are a business person you know that 100 small customers are better than one big customer. In other words 100 small drug fines are far better than 1 big drug fine, along with a few perps that a few cops are getting from the big business.

Let me tell you, the further our economy slips the more of this we are going to see. The more parents there are without college money, the more children that will grow up and be forced to perform manual labor for minumum wage, and be told there lucky to do it. Minumum wage in the state of North Carolina is $6.25 per hour, thats $13,000 per year. Try to live off of that especialy supporting a family and see what measures you will take. I can't seem to find the average wage of a deputy, but from the few I know I'm going to guess around $30.000 per year. That type of pay doesn't exactly make it easy to decline a bribe.

I'm not saying that every police officer is accepting bribes from drug dealers, nor am I saying that thier rate-of-pay makes it acceptable for them to do so. What I am saying is that $30,000 a year hardly seems worth it to risk your life over anything.

Before drugs were illegal

70 years ago moonshiners were looked at as town hero's. They were making money in hard times, that in there minds was honest. The problem however was there were no taxes being paid on moonshine. We all know that alcohol can be dangerous if used in ecxess. What you probably don't know is that drugs are no different.

I'm not a drug addict, but during my teenage years like most peopls, I tried a few of the more common drugs on the street. Let me tell you the top three most mind altering things I have ever put in my body came from the pharmacy. The fact is we have been brain washed since we were school age to believe these things will make us do. If you don't believe me pick up a copy of refer madness at your local dvd store and listen to the things they were teaching in the thirties that marajuana would make you do.

Prescription drugs

Now the drug problem has shifted from street drugs to prescription drugs which are taxed when you buy them, and taxed when you pay the doctor to get them. Think about this, drugs are a major market that the government could not seem to get thier cut of.

  • What is every other commercial on television? Its some type of medicine
  • All of a sudden it's wrong to spank your child, so when they get out of control what do you do? Carry them to the doctor who drugs them, which is teaching our children to run to the doctor everytime they fell abnormal and get a prescription.

All it takes is a little common since and you will see that the shift from illegal drug use to, prescription drug use is not a fad that just happened to happen, and its no coinsidense.

The Point

This nation (U.S.) was formed by settlers that were fed up with being over-taxed, and under-governed. The nation was to be for the people by the people.

Now 300 years later, I ask you who is this nation for?

  • We are charged more and more taxes with less and less freedom.
  • Our laws are made by a group of people who have no idea what its like to be middle class
  • We have very little say as to where our tax money goes, and most times lied to about it anyway. We have spent millions of dollars on a war that most Americans dis-approve of.
  • Sure, we vote on who goes into office. But what do we have to choose from? Only the people who can be backed by the rich.

Have you ever heard the phrase "the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convice the world he doesn't exist"? Think about this, our leaders have made this nation the exact thing that it was formed against, and covinced us that its the best thing for us.

I am not a "hater" of our nation, but I do think it has fallen into the hands of the rich who are using it to thier benifet.

What do we teach our children?

Its is important to teach our children values and what to expect in life during these most influential years. When I grew up, I was taught good and bad, black and white. There were always good guys and bad guys, the police were the good guys, the criminals were the bad guys. In movies we see the drug dealers as evil people with no conscious, they don't care what they do or who they hurt.

The fact is there are people out there who really don't care, who really have no conscious, but there are very few of these type of people. Most people who are drug dealers and such, feel like they were forced into this type of life because they have no other option. They get in to this type of life with nothing to lose. Whats the worst that can happen? They get caught, go to jail, and have food, shelter, and water.

Yet we as a nation are teaching children to look down on these type of people as low lives, criminals who are good for nothing. In order for these people to have had the food, shelter, and water before they would need a vehicle and gas at five dollars a gallon to commute to work. Since they were born into an unwealthy family, they couldn't go to college so they must work for min. wage. Let me tell you, $13,000 per year is not going to provide you with life's necessities and five dollars a gallon just to get to work.

So what do we teach our children? I personally don't want to teach our children the same old good guy/bad guy routine that I learned as a child, just so they can grow up and realize it was mostly bs. I personally think this is contributing to our crime problems, because our children grow up and find themselves in this situation and feel like a failure, and get treated as such.

I feel that its important to teach our children the truth, most of us our asked by our chilren "why are there bad people?" The most common reply to this question is "I don't know there just are." Why not teach our children the truth? Not everyone is either a bad guy or a good guy.

The choices we make in life will lead us to being as close to being the "good guy" as possible. It is easy to do what we know, and teach our children in black and white. We all love our children and don't want to expose them to the real world of grey, but they eventually will be in it. Why not prepare our children for this world?

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