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Cooking from scratch - How to Make a Hamburger Cake

Updated on February 28, 2008

When my son came home from Cub Scouts and said that they were having a cake competition I really didn't worry too much. However; when he said he wanted to make a Hamburger Cake I did worry. I have never been very creative and really had no idea where to begin. I have to say I love the internet! I researched for about an hour, looking at tons of fun cake ideas and decided it was definitely possible to make a Hamburger Cake. Here is how we did it.


1 box white cake mix, including the ingredients listed on the box to make the cake

1 box brownie mix, including the ingredients listed on the box to make the brownie

1 box fruit roll-ups, preferably a multi-colored box

2 containers of white icing

1 box of food coloring - red, blue, yellow and green

Praline ice cream toppings


Bake the cake following the instructions on the box, baking it in two 9-inch round cake pans. Mix up the brownies following the instructions on the box and bake in one 9-inch cake pan. You should do this a few hours ahead of the decorating, so that everything can cool completely.

Take one tub of icing and mix in food coloring until you get a color resembling that on a hamburger bun. I alternated red and yellow until I got the right color. Take the flatter of the two cakes and place it on a plate or cake stand. Using a large serrated knife slice the top off so that it is flat. You shouldn't need to slice off much. Ice the entire cake. This is the bottom part of the bun.

After the first layer is iced place the brownie on top. This is the hamburger part of the cake. You could ice this with chocolate icing, but I left it plain. Now for the fun part! Take your red fruit roll-ups, lay flat and cut them into large circles. Lay them on top of the brownie with some hanging off around the edges. This will be your tomatoes.

Next take the green fruit roll-ups, lay flat and cut them into the shape of lettuce leaves. Lay them on top of the tomatoes in a scattered pattern, again with some hanging over the edges.

Now in separate bowls place a couple of spoonfuls of white icing. In one bowl add red food coloring to make ketchup and in the other add yellow food coloring to make mustard. Place the ketchup and mustard in Ziploc bags and clip off one end. Squeeze each icing out of the corner and drizzle it on top to look like ketchup and mustard. Don't forget to have some oozing out of the edges so that it will look like a real hamburger.

Now place the top of the hamburger bun on. You want the hump on the top to look like the rounded hamburger bun so don't slice off any of this part of the cake. You need to be very careful icing this top part so that the icing doesn't get on any of the other parts of the cake. Ice the top with more of the icing that you used on the bottom. Finally place pieces of the praline topping on the top of the bun to look like sesame seeds.

This was a big hit at our cake competition and I was disappointed that in the end they decided not to judge the cakes. I was curious if ours was good enough to win, but alas we will never know. My son was able to do most of the decorating, so it can't be that hard to make right? All in all it only took about 45 minutes to do the decorating and that would have gone faster had I done it all myself.

Unfortunately this was a totally last minute project for us, so I paid full price for all ingredients and used the store brands of whatever I could. Total cost was around $10, still cheaper than having a store make a similar cake. If you have advanced notice you can shop for sales and make it even cheaper. In the future I won't hesitate to make my own, creative and fun cake for a child's birthday after this was so easy. You shouldn't either!

This is the top of the hamburger part before we put the top bun on.


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    • Proud Mom profile image

      Proud Mom 

      9 years ago from USA

      Have made this, and YES, it's a great cake. Adapted it once to make a taco cake, slicing the round cake in half, then standing it on the flat end at an angle. What a great hub! I love all of yours.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Im from Phil. I bake this cake and it is so fun.. I love the way the colors ombine..

    • safetyfirst profile image


      10 years ago

      I remember years ago my mom made me a hamburger cake for my birthday. This is definitely a big hit with kids. Thanks for the great hub.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      I love this cake! How creative and I could see this being a huge hit at a summer barbeque, I might have to make one myself :).


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