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Updated on October 14, 2007
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Cosmetic Surgery to obtain immediate weight loss is the one certain way to achieve this goal and to change the way that you look, but before taking that major step in your life there are many things that you must consider.

For example have you considered the alternatives to cosmetic surgery for weight loss?

  1. Exercises for weight loss
  2. Diet control
  3. improve your general health

So if you have tried all of the above with little or no success then you have arrived at the time when you may consider that Cosmetic Surgery, liposuction, tummy tuck, or even gastric band surgery or a gastric bypass.

When you are considering where to have the Cosmetic Surgery Carried out you need to feel confident that the surgeon who is going to undertake the surgery has the correct qualifications and experience in the type of surgery that your require.

Then you may also need to consider which country you would like to have the surgery carried out. If for example you live in the Unites States or Canada your choices are endless, but you must be careful to check everything out.

If you live in the UK or Europe then again your choices are virtually endless, but there are also many pitfalls as there are also many poorly qualified surgeons (and in some cases totally unqualified practitioners) so you need to exercise extreme caution. I would strongly recommend the Cosmetic surgeons from France as the french Government require that ALL practitioners have the relevant qualifications and are regularly checked as to competence.

One good way to check up on the suitability of your potential choice to have a good look at their website if they have one. dont be to dismayed if the actual surgeons names and qualifications are not listed as in some Countries it illegal for registered Doctors to publish there names and qualifications in advertising of any kind. However you can generally find this information by checking the medical council records of your county or State.

The next thing that is VERY important is this. Are there any published testimonials or recommendations from previous happy clients or Patients. Read them, if they are just general very short comments don't always take too much notice of them as they are quite often edited excerpts taken out of context from verbal quotes. What you really need to see is the real full testimonials and reports, and especially look for testimonials where the person giving the testimonial is giving you a factual report and not a sales type hype testimonial which are quite often contrived.

Also if the websites says that the persons giving the testimonials are happy to speak to anyone who is considering surgery by a certain clinic or surgeon, these testimonials are like Gold to the Surgeon, but More importantly they are by far the Best news for you as you can speak to these people personally and ask your questions and receive truthfully answers.

One such website that I found that has these kind of testimonials can be found at

Once you have received these testimonials or spoken to them in person you will feel more confident in the choice that you have made and you should experience a pleasant and successful outcome.


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